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Aboitiz Data Innovation Joins Shiptek Solutions Corporation in Transforming the Logistics Industry with Next-Gen Technologies
September 27, 2022 News


Aboitiz Data Innovation (ADI) and Shiptek Solutions Corporation (Shiptek), a Philippine-based software development company, recently announced a partnership to further drive the operationalization of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (DSAI) in the logistics industry.

The logistics and supply chain industry has seen immense disruption throughout the pandemic, affecting micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs). As economies and businesses begin to adjust to the changes, support from financial institutions and governments remain a key driver to the industry’s success. While many agree that financing of both logistics fees and export import of goods will help alleviate the problems logistics MSMEs are facing, businesses will need to find a sustainable long-term solution to tackle these challenges.

ADI’s mission in helping businesses maximise the use of data and operationalise DSAI has seen successful use cases across the banking and financial services sectors, including alternative credit scoring for MSMEs. With this new partnership between the two parties, ADI will combine its DSAI expertise with Shiptek’s strong prowess in the logistics industry. ADI and Shiptek are looking at leveraging the latter’s digital platform XLOG to develop innovative DSAI solutions.

“XLOG has a solid foundation in place to help enable the logistics and shipping industries to manage and monitor transactions online. By leveraging the data we have on hand, we believe this strategic collaboration with ADI will help stakeholders such as importers, exporters, forwarders, and trucking operators have the proper resources and financial support in place to drive success,” said Joey Ynion, Chief Operations Officer at Shiptek Solutions Corporation.

The collaborative project pipeline is designed to revolutionise the logistics industry to steer accelerated industry growth, improve financial sustainability in the supply chain, increase operational efficiency, and combat illegal transactions such as fraud and smuggling.

“We truly believe that the work we do at ADI demonstrates how implementing DSAI solutions have the power to make life easier and better for all. We have all seen the positive impacts alternative credit scoring has had and continues to have on MSMEs—increasing financial sustainability and providing greater financial support to those in need. Soon the stakeholders in the logistics industry will also begin to see the same results,” said Dr David R. Hardoon, Managing Director at ADI.

Not only does this joint venture help streamline access to finance for MSMEs and combat illegal transactions for a traditional industry like shipping and logistics, but it also aims to pave the way for other industries to follow in leveraging next-gen technologies like blockchain and AI to unlock endless possibilities.

ADI and Shiptek signed a Memorandum of Understanding to seal the partnership during the inaugural UnionBank Innovation Festival held on 7th–9th of September at the UnionBank Innovation Campus in Laguna, Philippines. ADI was represented by Dr Hardoon while Eugenio Ynion, Jr. represented Shiptek as its Founder and CEO. The signing was witnessed by ADI Data Science Solutions Head for Financial Services Josh Bosiños and Shiptek’s Ynion.