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Accelya FLX Platform to Deliver Strategic Retail Modernisation for Korean Air in Major New Partnership


In a significant move that highlights the evolving state of play in airline retailing technology, Accelya, a global leader in flexible, airline-centric software solutions, today announced a major partnership with respected aviation leader, Korean Air. The partnership will enable Korean Air to take control of its retailing and further innovate its leading customer experience with the deployment of Accelya’s FLX Platform.

Operating in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region for over 40 years, Accelya has been at the forefront of providing advanced financial and modern retailing solutions and currently serves more than 60 leading airlines in the region. With the majority of its workforce strategically based in APAC, the company is dedicated to leading the Offer & Order Transformation for airlines in Asia Pacific for both passenger and cargo.

The FLX Platform, trusted by many of the world’s leading airlines, enabled more than half of all global New Distribution Capability (NDC) transactions in 2022, according to data from T2RL, an independent consultancy leader in travel technology and distribution strategy. The platform combines the power of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud and the latest advanced technologies to deliver unparalleled scalability and reliability while enabling airlines to efficiently present millions of retail offers across all channels.

Adding the Accelya’s Innovative Solutions

Korean Air will integrate Accelya’s NDC and the innovative FLX-Merchandizing module to deliver personalisation and the most relevant offers to customers. The NDC offering, a core enabler of airline-retail agency connectivity, links airlines with over 50,000 travel agents including the world’s largest online travel agents (OTA’s) and travel management companies (TMC’s). The company’s advanced NDC capabilities, leveraging the latest 21.3 standard, deliver on average over 30% NDC adoption for partner airlines, bringing improved customer servicing, more ancillary sales, and the ability for customers and airlines to benefit from much richer offers.Accelya

The FLX-Merchandizing module, running on both Accelya and AWS technologies, fine-tunes customer offerings and experiences. Leveraging the latest technologies, it will enable Korean Air to create, personalize and adjust its offers to better serve travellers across both direct and indirect channels.

“We are delighted to partner with Accelya to enable our modern retail vision and bring powerful innovation to the market for our customers,” said Yoo Tae Jung, Managing Vice President and NDC Platform Director at Korean Air. “The exhaustive RFP process has highlighted Accelya’s technological expertise and flexibility. Our partnership with Accelya, a leader in retail modernisation, is a key step in reshaping our retailing strategy.”

Sam Gilliland, CEO at Accelya, echoed this sentiment, stating, “Our alliance with Korean Air is built around a shared belief in putting the customer first, making modern and forward-looking technology choices and ensuring airlines are truly in control of their retailing journey and not being held back by legacy ‘old world’ technology vendors. The deployment of the FLX platform will provide Korean Air with a clear pathway towards offer and order transformation, empowering them to control their future, with Accelya supporting them every step of the way. “