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Adapdix Acquisition of Edge Intelligence Set to Bring Data and AI Closer Together
August 20, 2021 News


Adapdix, the industry leader in artificial intelligence (AI)-powered automation software, announced recently that it has acquired Edge Intelligence, developer of the first geographically distributed data management platform for analytics built for both edge computing and hybrid cloud environments. Edge Intelligence’s data management ideally complements Adapdix’ EdgeOps™ AI/ML Data Mesh offering and will enable Adapdix to target additional new markets and expand offering across the edge automation market. The combined EdgeOps and Edge Intelligence platforms will allow distributed AI and enterprise data management at the source of data creation. This enables Adapdix to offer true advantages of IT/OT convergence, cloud repatriation and federated learning for enterprises that have geographically dispersed data at the edge or in the cloud.

Anthony Hill, CEO at Adapdix, said, “Edge Intelligence has developed the leading distributed edge data management solution, with patented technology, and a sophisticated data analytics application targeting subscriber and cloud analytics. The addition of Edge Intelligence enables Adapdix to provide true IT/OT convergence, with full data virtualisation, which for other providers is still only a theoretical concept. This acquisition allows Adapdix to address customers considering Cloud repatriation”.

Kate Mitchell, CEO at Edge Intelligence, said, “AI and data are essential partners, and with Edge Intelligence’s distributed database technology, Adapdix can now offer customers a single logical database for query and AI-powered analytics on IT and OT data. Edge Intelligence capability along with Adapdix Edge Ops AI and modelling platform allows for fully integrated, real-time AI at the source of data creation, which saves customers data transport, compute and storage costs”.

“Today, far too many AI/ML solutions are one-offs, with the capabilities simply provided as an add-on feature. However, for AI/ML to reach its full potential, it must be built into the technology platform”, said Ritu Jyoti, Group Vice President, Worldwide AI and Automation Research at IDC. “With the acquisition of Edge Intelligence, Adapdix is further embracing this architectural shift by delivering a fully integrated platform for data ingestion, analytics and AI/ML inference while maintaining data at its source. By combining Edge Intelligence with the capabilities of their EdgeOps AI-powered automation platform, Adapdix is delivering on the promise of IT/OT data convergence”.

Adapdix recently announced EdgeOps DataMesh™, the first product of its next-generation AI-powered automation software platform EdgeOps™ that overcomes the typical hurdles of real-time operational data management. The Edge Intelligence acquisition enhances Adapdix’ DataMesh™ product with true distributed data management and allows users to query and store IT data along with their OT data. Performing data ingestion, pre-processing and inferencing in milliseconds, EdgeOps DataMesh™ enables real-time analysis and control to improve operational efficiency and reduce downtime of high-value assets. The software is already used by Fortune 500 customers, including several leading semiconductor manufacturers, to improve their operational performance.