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Adobe Summit 2021 – Perfecting the Customer Experience
May 3, 2021 News


“Every business has to be a digital business”, said Shantanu Narayen, Chairman, President & CEO of Adobe in his keynote address at Adobe Summit 2021. The world’s largest digital experience conference saw major announcements and innovations being made to help businesses better serve their customers.

As global commerce continues to see record-breaking growth with USD $4.2 trillion expected for the year, it’s no surprise that Adobe’s innovations continue to help businesses meet and exceed customer demands. Adobe introduced innovations across Adobe Experience Cloud, unveiling new enterprise applications with Adobe Journey Optimiser and Adobe Customer Journey Analytics, its next-generation Real-Time Customer Data Platform (CDP), it’s industry-leading Marketing System of Record through the integration of Workfront, and new Adobe Experience Platform capabilities to deliver real-time personalisation at scale. Additionally, Adobe announced new content and intelligent commerce capabilities, including a strategic partnership with FedEx.

“Digital economy runs on customer connections. Personalised experiences result in strong customer engagement and lasting relationships. Personalisation is going to drive business growth. Brands that deliver this expectation will be the winners in the economy”, commented Shantanu.

Adobe Experience Platform Momentum

Without strong data management, companies lack an effective approach to connect with customers in real-time. Adobe Experience Platform, at the heart of Adobe Experience Cloud, allows customers to collect disparate data from across the enterprise, enrich that data with actionable customer insights, and stitch data together for more complete, real-time customer profiles so that every experience is better than the last. Today, Adobe Experience Platform powers Adobe Experience Cloud applications and delivers real-time personalisation at scale with more than 17 trillion audience segment evaluations every day.

New Innovations in Adobe Experience Cloud

Adobe Experience Cloud, which is used by 75% of Fortune 100 companies today, is powering Customer Experience Management (CXM) for B2B and B2C companies with applications focused on customer journey management, data insights and audiences, content and personalisation, commerce and marketing workflows. Innovations to help businesses accelerate their digital transformation include:

  • New Adobe Journey Optimiser: Consumers want to connect in a way that feels personalised and relevant throughout their unique journey but brands struggle with providing context-aware experiences in real-time, at scale. The new Adobe Journey Optimiser, built on Adobe Experience Platform, is the industry’s only enterprise application designed to help marketers optimise the customer journey across any outbound or inbound customer touchpoint. Brands can now actively listen to customer signals and use intelligent decisions to anticipate and deliver the most relevant journey at scale by bringing together audience-based outbound marketing with one-on-one engagement.
  • Next Generation Adobe Real-Time CDP: With consumers becoming increasingly attentive to what type of data they are willing to share and third-party cookies in browsers going away, quality first-party data is the best way for marketers to build trusted relationships with customers. Adobe’s next-generation Real-Time CDP is the only enterprise application architected from the ground up for first-party, data-driven customer acquisition and engagement. And, available today, the B2B edition of Adobe Real-Time CDP allows customers to bring together both individual and account profiles for complete intelligence and activation to help B2B companies think and act like B2C brands.
  • New Customer Journey Analytics: Successful enterprises need a data-driven approach to know their customers and to continuously optimise engagement in a way that ensures each experience is better than the last. New Customer Journey Analytics is the industry’s first enterprise application that allows brands to integrate and standardise their online and offline customer data, enabling anyone—not just data scientists—to connect that data, easily visualise it in a unified view, and better understand the entire journey to better inform marketing strategies.
  • New Marketing System of Record: Work management solutions must help companies run more efficiently by centralising work in a single application, so cross-functional teams can connect, collaborate, and execute the right work—from anywhere. Following Adobe’s acquisition of Workfront, Adobe previewed its new Marketing System of Record, which will be the single source of truth for connecting and managing work across the entire marketing lifecycle, from strategy and planning to execution and measurement.
  • New Adobe Experience Manager Innovations: New innovations within Adobe Experience Manager help brands create, manage and optimise the content businesses require at the velocity needed to stay ahead. This includes Headless Content Management System (CMS) capabilities, which deliver immersive content as data over APIs and bring advanced AI to content automation. The new Adobe Experience Manager Assets Essentials will become the default asset management capability in all Adobe Experience Cloud applications and be fully configurable to ensure access to the best content.
  • New Adobe Commerce Capabilities: Companies are increasingly relying on digital commerce as the dominant channel to drive business growth. Powered by Adobe Sensei, Product Recommendations in Adobe Commerce unlock new ways for customers to discover products and Live Search delivers fast and hyper-relevant results and search experiences on the merchant’s site. A new collaboration with FedEx will let Adobe Commerce merchants integrate their storefronts with FedEx ShopRunner, allowing them to offer consumer benefits such as free two-day shipping, seamless checkout, easy returns, and the ability to access FedEx post-purchase logistics intelligence.
  • New Adobe Experience Platform Collection Enterprise: Companies need access to real-time consumer behavioural data to drive decisions that impact real-time experiences at scale. Collecting behavioural data is cumbersome, difficult to manage, and traditional approaches often lead to poor application performance, negatively impacting the consumer experience. New Collection Enterprise allows companies to use Adobe’s globally distributed, high-performance edge network for collecting data and sending it wherever it needs to go, whether that be to Adobe’s applications and platform or any other system. And the new lightweight data collection SDKs help ensure that applications are highly performant to provide the best consumer experience.

Among the speakers at the summit included Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla and FedEx President and COO Rajesh Subramaniam who shared insights about the state of digital for their organisations and how it continues to shape their plans for the future. Also sharing her views at the summit was tennis champion and entrepreneur Serena Williams who discussed how she uses technology to cater to her customers in her fashion business.

Adobe and ASEAN

Several customers in ASEAN also shared their views at the summit on how Adobe has enabled them to better serve their customers. Ton Chirathivat, President, The 1, Central, Thailand’s leader in the retail space and beyond, spoke about how they built their foundation to deliver seamless cross-channel experiences that put the customer first.

“We embarked on integration of data to create a single view of customers. Then combined all the raw transactions of single customers across their partners and businesses in the ecosystem to form a unified portrait of each customer. This allowed us to use human logic and data model to create a more accurate portrait of each customer in our database”, said Ton.

He added that this allowed them to cater to each customer specifically. Segmenting the audiences is key based on content, which can be measured through a unified platform.

“The operating model and team structure need to be agile. The focus needs to be on a particular customer experience or customer segment”, concluded Ton.

Another customer, M1, a Singaporean digital network operator, is on a mission to drive transformation and evolution in Singapore’s telecommunications landscape. To ensure a made-to-measure experience for all customers, M1 partnered with Adobe for its own Digital Transformation, leveraging Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Target and Adobe Analytics.Nathan Bell, Chief Digital Officer at M1, shared his experiences and vision in a chat with Simon Dale, Adobe’s Managing Director for South-East Asia.

“M1’s transformation is all about establishing its business in the cloud. We build digital capabilities and reimagine the ways of working to holistically digitise our business model, create sustainable competitive advantage, and set new industry standards. We want our customers to be able to self serve for everything they want to do”, said Nathan.

Working with Adobe, M1 has been able to create over 6 million personalisation combinations that a customer can take. The blend of technological foundation with the data is critically important to make sure M1 can bring personalisation.