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After a Three Year, Gap Michael Opens Dell Technologies World 2022, Proclaiming the On-Prem Off-Prem Debate to be Over

We are lucky to have covered Dell Technologies World several times over the  past years. We even packed our bags ready to travel to DTW 2019 before it got cancelled due to Covid.

After a three year gap, it’s good to be back.

There is always excitement and buzz around this event, but this year after the long, involuntarily hiatus, the excitement was noticeably higher.

Even when it came to Michael Dell himself, the excitement and pleasure of being back at DTW after such a long enforced absence was palpable.

So after a three-year break from DTW keynotes, what did Michael Dell have to tell us?

Let’s start with the vision and mission; Michael asked us, “Who do you trust with your data to speed your transformation and to drive competitive advantage? Who do you trust today and tomorrow to be standing by your side on the journey of our lives?” He went on “We are explorers, pioneers of a digital future, constantly re-inventing and reimagining a data-driven world to accelerate progress toward a healthier, safer, and more successful future in all human endeavours.”

Lofty goals for sure, but not out of place when he shared details of projects trying to tackle some of humanity’s most significant challenges like climate change. Working in partnership with the foundation on sustainability, Intel and Computer Aid, Dell has contributed to building a deforestation alert system using AI combined with insights provided by local communities on the ground to predict deforestation with over 90% accuracy.

Admirable projects, for sure, that are not only altruistic but also demonstrate the scale at which Dell can operate, and the impact technology can have for good.

However, for those more concerned with running and transforming our companies’ IT and digital strategies, what did Michael have for you?

Referencing the impact that the pandemic had on us over the last two years, he reminded us that technology has been more critical to our everyday and working lives than ever before. In his words, “The pandemic put an exclamation mark on the importance of digital technology for everyone” In Dell’s case, this has put PCs back at the centre of new work practices. With mobility and flexible working arrangements now becoming the norm, the laptop PC has re-established itself as a critical tool in tech modernisation.








He explained that Dell’s vision is a “future of personal computing as the centre of engagement, productivity, collaboration and creativity”. The talk about PC is an excellent teaser for more detail tomorrow where Dell will share exactly how they are adding collaborative technology into their PC ranges.

The keynote session covered a lot of ground, but when we all wrap up and go home, one phrase will be left ringing in our collective ears. The single sentence encapsulates what will be the overriding theme of DTW 2022, and this sentiment is the driving force behind all of Dell’s technology announcements this week.

The on-prem, off-prem debate is over. The future is multi-cloud.”

“With workloads and data flowing seamlessly across the entire environment. Today, 90% of customers already have both on-prem and public cloud environments. And 75% are using three or more different clouds.”

If there is one thing we will take away from Michael Dell’s Keynote this week, it’s that “the debate is over”. Without exception, every company will need to build its future based on a multi-cloud approach.

In our view, If you haven’t already begun your multi-cloud journey, you need to start planning for it today. Everything we heard from the keynote reinforces that view.

It was a great start, with tantalising suggestions about the detailed technology, which will be shared over the next few days and paint the picture of exactly HOW Dell intends to deliver  the vision.

It’s going to be an interesting week for sure!




Writer – Melina Hwang attending DTW2022 at the invitation of Dell Technologies