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Aimazing and HyperQB Launch Malaysia Mall Super-App to Provide Real-Time Data Insights
October 29, 2021 News


To empower shopping malls with real-time sales data for improved customer loyalty , Aimazing, the preferred retail data platform for mall management, recently announced a strategic partnership with HyperQB, a customer loyalty and engagement super-app for property and malls in Malaysia. Aimazing and HyperQB have integrated their solutions to provide a complete mall intelligence and first of its kind loyalty solution in the form of a mall super-app for Malaysia and the region.

Within the current retail market, malls do not have real-time sales data to inform business decisions due to the technical difficulties involved in its collection processes. With an all-in-one integrated retail data and loyalty platform, the retail industry can look forward to infrastructure and solutions that can help supercharge their business operations and omnichannel strategies. The mall super-app will provide an avenue for retailers to deliver a seamless retail experience for both shoppers and tenants and thrive as the mall of the future.

The strategic partnership with HyperQB allows Aimazing to deliver a mobile solution that is easily accessible, allowing retail malls to achieve more omnichannel personalisation to power their marketing and loyalty efforts. Ultimately, malls can look forward to having the infrastructure that allows them to have the same data-driven ability similar to eCommerce marketplaces, where every consumer’s purchasing journey is taken into context when crafting marketing campaigns.

High Visibility of Sales and Data-Driven Ability Similar to eCommerce Marketplaces

Retailers will be able to use the dashboard to see foot traffic data and customise new retail strategies in real-time according to their customers’ journey. Previously, this would have been an impossible, if not extremely costly and time-consuming process due to the fragmentation that exists in the current POS market. Gathering transactional sales data would require a tedious integration process with the many different POS systems that are in use. Essentially, this presents a global problem to be solved and a huge market to address all together, given the way that retail markets in the world are structured. Aimazing allows malls to glean these data insights via a simple 5-minute plug-and-play solution, without the need for POS integration.

“We partnered with HyperQB to launch a mall super-app to personalise offers and leverage data insights that will provide high visibility of sales. The strategic partnership provides a singular, unified view for mall managers to deliver experiences that are powered by modern technology platforms. In a post-pandemic world, it is increasingly important for malls to adapt and understand the importance of an insights-driven omnichannel approach. The partnership between Aimazing and HyperQB helps to give mall managers the infrastructure they need in order to enable this”, said Jun Ting, CEO at Aimazing

“Omnichannel is here to stay, and the key for retailers and mall operators alike is in seeing how and where we can enable this. We need to think about what to put into place now to win-win-win long term with data and a collaborative partnership,” said Darren Chin, Country Head of Malaysia at Aimazing.

Merging Mall Loyalty and Branding

The mall super-app improves loyalty programs for customers by allowing mall management teams to understand shopping patterns and consumer habits, presenting the opportunity to offer various rewards in the form of discounts and perks to incentivise shoppers to conduct repeat purchases.

It also enables malls to drive partnerships, such as with payment providers, like card or e-wallet companies. For instance, the dashboard provides insights on the acquisition percentage of each payment partner within the mall. Armed with this information, malls can pitch exciting campaigns with these payment platforms to increase acquisition, allowing increased revenue streams for mall management teams.

Customer loyalty programs are key assets that can be leveraged by mall managers on Aimazing’s mall super-app to run campaigns, understand which merchants they should work with and have data of shoppers preferred merchant brands allowing them to find creative ways to retain those customers, further increasing their lifetime value.

“The era of online is already here and will continue staying with us. There is no other best answer to retail automation and transformation to use omni-channel to shape the entire customer journey So what is your strategy? Those questions should always come from the top management of the retailers and mall operators”, said Stephen Lim, Co-Founder of and Managing Director at HyperQB.

Mapping Out Malaysia’s Retail Data Ecosystem

The rise of all-in-one platforms like Aimazing’s and HyperQB super-app will pivotally shape the retail sector in the evolving property technology (“PropTech”) segment in Malaysia by providing increasing value to the overall integrated development.

The launch of Aimazing’s super-app can provide Malaysia’s real estate players and the PropTech ecosystem with a new perspective on the adoption of technology in the real estate and shopping mall industry. Aimazing and HyperQB’s joint offerings are aimed at powering all malls in Malaysia to sustain their business by increasing foot traffic, increasing sales through effective promotions and customer retention by providing the smartest and most seamless unified shopping and customer experience.

By mapping out the Malaysian retail data ecosystem, malls will be able to improve their returns on mall marketing by unlocking advertising dollars from brands, FMCG deals and form multiple partnerships that could generate insights for the expansion of their products and services.