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Altec and Accel Works Partner to Enhance Enterprise Digitalisation In Southeast Asia via Integrated Document and Data Management
November 14, 2022 News


Altec, a leading provider of enterprise content platform and process automation solutions, and Accel Works, a professional services and IT solutions firm, have entered a strategic partnership to help small to medium enterprises (SMEs) in Southeast Asia to transform their operations by automating tasks in every department, including accounting, legal and HR.

The new partnership would allow for the exclusive distribution of DocLink, a document management and business process automation solution, that aims to transform and accelerate the digitalisation journey of SMEs; helping them capture and manage their data and streamline business processes.

Beginning with Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia in the Southeast Asia region, DocLink will serve as a digital platform that is accessible both on-premise and in the Cloud to support today’s hybrid workforces. The solution’s tight ERP integration also allows organisations to track and access documents wherever they are, control information throughout the entire document cycle, schedule and automatically distribute documents with supporting documentation and simplify capturing documents with Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven optical character recognition capabilities. DocLink helps companies connect their people and processes to their data and increase competitive advantage, deliver tangible business impacts, including faster approval cycles, and reduce human errors.

“In Southeast Asia, 71 million MSMEs account for 97% of all businesses, each with accelerated digitalisation strategies supporting today’s hybrid workforce in the post-pandemic era. As a result, there is a ‘mobile-first workforce’ strategy in the region and business leaders are turning to contemporary digitalisation strategies to support this new business model. By partnering with Accel Works, we want to assist SMEs in Southeast Asia as they embark on or extend their digitalisation strategy by taking full advantage of our document and process automation capabilities,” said Don Howren, President and Chief Operating Officer at Altec.

Digital solutions that allow day-to-day work to be completed seamlessly and remotely have become ever more crucial. A recent study found that 85% of people said they spent time searching for documents throughout the workday, and 60% said they waste more time searching for information than answering email. With this in mind, three in five SMEs in the region plan to continue digitalising and leveraging solutions to achieve greater access, visibility and control over their data and documents while improving process for their employees, customers and suppliers.

Regulators have also taken notice of the rapid adoption of digital solutions. In fact, the Singapore government has a range of initiatives and policies in place to help SMEs automate existing processes, such as the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG). This makes it attractive for business leaders to pursue their digitalisation initiatives at a subsidised cost. Under Budget 2022, an additional SGD $600 million will be set aside over the next four years under the PSG for SMEs, as part of a suite of measures rolled out to support Singapore’s enterprise ecosystem.

“Increased digitalisation within the region has brought about demand for leading digital solutions that offer customers a way to respond and remain competitive in today’s digital economy. We are proud to be the regional distributor for DocLink, sharing the same vision of delivering innovative solutions to organisations in the region, especially SMEs, as Singapore moves towards digitalisation. The partnership will elevate solution offerings from Accel Works, as we continue to strive towards solutions and professional services that enhance business process operation of our customers and aid them in their digital journeys,” said Desmond Aw, CEO at Accel Works.

Earlier this year, Altec was acquired by Beyond Limits, an industrial and enterprise-grade AI software company built for the most demanding sectors. The acquisition further bolsters Beyond Limit’s strategic partnerships and integrations focused on digital transformation and AI-readiness in key sectors around the world. Tapping into Beyond Limits’ cutting-edge AI technology, strategic partnerships and integrations, Altec will continue pushing forward digital transformation and AI-readiness with DocLink in key sectors of Southeast Asia.

“Altec’s strong industry position, unique product offerings, and loyal customer base provide new product and market opportunities, as well as transformational capital for furthering Beyond Limits’ growth in the region. Its technology and approach to streamlining digital operations naturally fits into our philosophy, and Altec is allowing our Cognitive AI solutions to deepen our aim of allowing faster and more efficient decisions, and manage risk while driving profitability.” said Leonard Lee, APAC President at Beyond Limits.

Further to this partnership, Altec will work in collaboration with Oak Consulting, Singapore-based cloud solutions and consulting partner wholly owned by Beyond Limits. Altec will partner with Oak to utilise DocLink to streamline business processes across all departments for their customers.