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Aonic Appointed as the First Authorised Dji Enterprise Service Centre in Malaysia, Unveils Latest Dji Enterprise Product
September 30, 2022 News


Aonic (formerly Poladrone), a DJI Enterprise partner since 2017 and now a Gold Partner, is the first authorised DJI Enterprise Service Centre in Malaysia, certifying that Aonic is able to provide expert knowledge and services to enterprise customers seeking on-demand technical and drone maintenance support.

Recently rebranded, Aonic has five business verticals—Agriculture, Industrial, Services, Retail and Academy—aimed at providing a holistic ecosystem going beyond its core drone capabilities. Malaysia is a significant drone market within the region as it is expected to contribute RM 50 billion in GDP and 100,000 job opportunities by 2030 from a study by the Malaysian Research Accelerator for Technology & Innovation (MRANTI).

With the rapid growth in industrial drone applications in Malaysia and other countries in Southeast Asia, the all-in-one solutions provider has steadily built its team of in-house experts comprising R&D, operation, maintenance, after-sales, software and training. Aonic is also Malaysia’s first CAAM-appointed Remote Pilot Training Organisation (RPTO) ensuring that it is well supported with training to ensure drones are being operated safely and properly.

The commitment to provide end-to-end solutions and to have a deep understanding of various industries has paved the way to Aonic’s appointment as the first authorised DJI Enterprise Service Centre.

“Our humble beginnings started with a passion for the transformative capabilities that drone technology brings to talented creators and businesses. With the ever-evolving drone technology being utilised across a full spectrum of applications in Malaysia, our goal now is to build a future-proof ecosystem of solutions that propels traditional businesses forward. The appointment as the first authorised DJI Enterprise Service Centre in Malaysia is a testament to our commitment to provide turnkey, end-to-end solutions that are tailored to our customers’ business needs,” said Cheong Jin Xi, Founder of and CEO at Aonic.

“DJI Enterprise is devoted to pushing the boundaries of drone technology by providing more portable and efficient solutions, but also localised services. Aonic has consistently proven their commitment to ensure that together we build on the strong reputation DJI has established in providing innovative solutions to enterprises looking to boost their day-to-day operations,” said Holly Huo, Sales Manager of Southeast Asia at DJI Enterprise.

With the local Aonic service centre, customers are assured of a faster turnaround in servicing, maintenance and repair afforded by a specially DJI-trained team of Aonic in-house engineers. Products repaired at Aonic, as the first Authorized Service Center in Malaysia, will continue to be warranted by DJI.

Additionally, Aonic also unveiled the newest DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise as part of DJI’s Enterprise product line-ups. With its tagline “Your Everyday Commercial Drone,” this newest model is targeted to become the most affordable entry-level aerial drone for industrial usage.

The two versions, Mavic 3E and Mavic 3T are compact, foldable, and weigh less than 1,000 grams, making them easy to carry and deploy.

The Mavic 3E model, designed to serve basic commercial needs, boasts a 20MP wide camera and a 56x Hybrid Zoom Camera. By pairing it with the DJI RTK Module, the drone will be capable of doing survey missions with centimetre-level mapping accuracy, thanks to its 4/3 -inch camera sensor, mechanical shutter and time-sync capability.

For Mavic 3T, its camera system comes with an additional high-resolution thermal sensor (640×512@30Hz) that supports spot meter and area measurement, temperature alert, palette, and isotherm. This allows operators to make informed decisions after quickly identifying objects onsite.

As with all DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise series, it also comes with the omnidirectional obstacle sensing, advanced Return to Home (RTH), and APAS 5.0 as part of its safety function. Rest assured that this series can safely avoid obstacles from all directions when piloting, and plan routes for both the mission and RTH Routes with relative ease.

The Mavic 3 Enterprise series also come with a few supportive accessories to serve different needs. Namely, a DJI RC Pro Enterprise that features a 5.5 inch with up to 1000 cd/m² to ensure better visual information with impressive brightness, a detachable RTK module that supports various RTK-ready units, and a detachable speaker to deliver information on the field when needed.

Availability And Purchasing Information

The standard package of DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise comes with a RC Remote Controller, a set of battery and 100W charger, a SD Card, USB-C, dual USB-C, AC, gimbal cover and 3 pairs of propellers. Please contact us for purchase or more information via or +60 16 285 2900. To find out more about Aonic and DJI products go to