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Approaching Absolute Sustainability With Cloud
September 27, 2022 Blog


Carbon emissions from hyper-scale clouds will be a top three factor in cloud purchasing choices by 2025, according to Gartner. Why? Because there will be more and more demand on cloud service providers to disclose their climate policy and give a detailed sustainability planning framework.

Recent interest in cloud computing has helped spread the word that businesses may achieve agility and scalability at a reduced expense by migrating their operations to the public cloud. What they could miss is that the cloud is good for more than just their business; their cloud choices could also minimise the impact that technology will have on the environment.

The Cloud’s Impact on Sustainability

Devoteam is one of Google’s trusted partners that presents Google Cloud as a service to foster innovative workspaces. While Google has achieved carbon neutrality for its operations as of now, the company has loftier goals, like powering all of its data centres around the clock with carbon-free energy by the year 2030. Devoteam, a reputable partner, has developed a few solid grounds on which Google Cloud may be built as a sustainable option for cloud service provisioning.

Here are the top four ways that cloud computing contributes to environmental sustainability:

  1. More Sustainable Infrastructure
    According to Google, today, its data centre is twice as energy efficient as a typical business data centre, and it can provide up to six times as much computing capability with the same electrical power as it did five years ago. Due to the high costs associated with the long-distance transmission of electrical energy, public cloud data centres are often situated in close proximity to the facilities that power them. As an added bonus, the improved hardware architecture of cloud computing data centres means they require fewer watts for backup power and cooling. This in-depth analysis does show how efficient cloud infrastructure may be for ecological sustainability.
  1. Faster Sustainable-Centric Innovations
    The adoption of the cloud has enabled multitudes of innovations that focus on reducing the technological impact on the environment. Google Cloud has created several eco-friendly additions, such as a zero net emission virtual machine and low-energy machine-learning accelerators. The concept of remote work was severely curtailed as a result of the epidemic. The concept was so revolutionary that it sparked developments like the virtual meeting. Regular company meetings may now be held online, saving time, money, and resources. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, this proved to be the most useful sustainable solution, as it allowed for uninterrupted corporate operations.
  1. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
    SaaS, compared to on-premises software, may save a business’ energy consumption by 99%, as calculated by Greenspace Supply. When it comes to SaaS, scalability has always been priority number one. The pinnacle of sustainability is the ability to scale. With a little fine-tuning, a SaaS company can cover more clients with the same infrastructure. Devoteam’s field of expertise just so happens to include some of the most effective strategies for scaling: consolidating services, breaking down silos, simplifying operations, and cutting costs.
  1. Support From the Hyperscalers
    As cloud use and user numbers grow, hyperscalers have more financial resources to put into developing and deploying cutting-edge, environmentally friendly data centres and technologies. For instance, in 2018, Google issued the most sustainability or green bonds ever at USD $5.75 billion. New and existing projects that are ecologically or socially responsible are made possible thanks to the net revenues, allowing investors to join Google in addressing pressing concerns.

Sustainability is Our Responsibility

Devoteam’s mission is to help you expand your company’s prospects via the use of digital sustainability solutions.

Adjust your lifestyle to meet the demands of the modern world and the globe. Create a culture of responsibility in your business. With Google Cloud and Devoteam’s sustainable approach, you can unlock hitherto unknown potential today. Click on the link below to find out more.