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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cloud are Top Investment Priorities by Healthcare Providers in Asia/Pacific
September 13, 2022 News


Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cloud are the top technologies that healthcare providers in Asia/Pacific (including Japan) will be investing on in the next three years, according to the recently published IDC report titled “IDC Public Sector Asia/Pacific (Including Japan) Survey, 2022 — Healthcare Sector Analysis.”

The survey report focuses on healthcare providers, such as hospitals, clinics and primary healthcare centres and covers 99 respondents for healthcare providers out of a total of 421 respondents. It captures key insights from IT managers and above from the healthcare provider sector. Analysis reveals the trend of emerging technologies, hybrid working strategies, outsourcing priorities and priority care areas as part of integrated care in Asia/Pacific.

Highlights of the report include:

  • Chronic care management is the top priority care area to embed ICT for the healthcare providers in Asia/Pacific.
  • 40% of care organisations are getting ready for a hybrid work approach that will drive intelligent workspaces and well-connected workplaces.
  • Enhancing stakeholders’ confidence is the topmost driving force for Asia/Pacific care providers to adopt a data governance strategy.
  • Systems integration, digital marketing and remote operations capabilities will find increased outsourcing by healthcare providers.

“The priorities of care providers in Asia/Pacific are undergoing a clear change, driven by their patient-centric care needs and increased focus on clinical data. While there will be an investment focus on cloud and AI by the care providers to have better efficiency and agility in handling data, there must also be a focus on structured data generation and ‘explainability’ for AI-based solutions. This approach will ensure acceptability, adaptability and scalability of solutions in predictive and personalised care management, moving forward,” says Manoj Vallikkat, Senior Research Manager at IDC Asia/Pacific Healthcare Insights.