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Asia Pulp and Paper’s Foopak Bio Natura Expands Global Plastic-Free Mission into Singapore
June 17, 2022 News


It is now easier for food and beverage (F&B) businesses in Singapore to achieve their sustainability goals with Foopak Bio Natura’s range of environmentally friendly and plastic-free food packaging, led by Asia Pulp and Paper.

The Indonesia-based manufacturing company is intensifying its actions to reduce 70% of plastic waste by 2025 and achieve net-zero by 2040 through its Sustainable Roadmap 2030. This year, the company announced that they are expanding into Singapore to provide F&B businesses with the solutions they need to meet their sustainability goals. F&B companies will gain access to a comprehensive suite of sustainable food packaging solutions as an alternative to packaging waste.

Certified Plastic-Free Food Packaging

Foopak Bio Natura holds a plastic-free certification from Flustix, an international plastic-free certification body based in Germany, after rigorous and stringent multi-tiered analytical testing.

In addition, it conforms to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration standards and fulfils REACH requirements for direct food contact whilst addressing plastic waste concerns. OWS Belgium’s testing confirmed that Asia Pulp & Paper’s Foopak Bio Natura food packaging decomposes naturally into carbon dioxide, water, and biomass instead of traditional plastic-coated food packaging, which takes hundreds of years to decompose.

With 400 million metric tons of plastic waste produced annually worldwide, Foopak Bio Natura sets itself apart with not only recyclable and compostable products at both industrial composting facilities but also in the homes of consumers. Asia Pulp And Paper’s comprehensive range of Foopak Bio Natura packaging products can biodegrade fully in the backyards or gardens of homes within 24 weeks—all to support a greener and more sustainable environment.

Good for the People and the Planet

In addition to achieving plastic-free certification, all Foopak Bio Natura also offers hard-sized, greaseproof, extensive KIT levels of papers and boards that are oven- and microwave-safe, as well as freezer-safe packaging. These products have also passed ISEGA testing, indicating that they can withstand a temperature of at least 200°C for the duration of heating without chemical migration, ensuring safety for consumption.

The Mission Behind Asia Pulp & Paper’s Launch of Foopak Bio Natura

As sustainability continues to be one of the highest priorities in the food packaging industry, Asia Pulp and Paper brings a compostable option to one of the most underserved parts of the market. Many food packaging comprises plastic lining in them, even in paper-based containers. This poses a difficulty for recycling centres as they are not equipped with the technology to separate plastic waste from paper ones and, therefore, send them directly to the landfill for disposal.

Recognising the need and lack of environmentally-conscious packaging against global plastic waste leakage, mostly from food and drink packaging in Asia, Asia Pulp and Paper’s Foopak Bio Naturais primed to combat the rising plastic pollution in the F&B industries across the world.