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Automated Internal Transport: MiR Launches New Solution for Towing Carts
June 16, 2021 News


The global market leader in autonomous mobile robots (AMR), Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR), announced the launch of MiR250 Hook, the only AMR solution on the market that can automatically collect and tow carts.

MiR Hook 250 is a top module for MiR’s fastest and most compact robot, MiR250, which smoothly and efficiently navigates in highly dynamic environments with people. The new and patented cart-towing robot solution is an updated version of MiRHook from 2016, and the new robot’s robustness and precision match the rapid product development that has taken place at the Danish manufacturer of mobile robots since then.

Every day at workplaces all over the world, many thousands of carts are moved manually between departments. Many companies want to optimise their internal logistics in order to increase productivity and profitability and to free employees for higher-value tasks instead of moving a product from A to B. MiR meets this need with its new product MiR250 Hook. This user-friendly technology can easily automate the internal transport of loaded carts weighing up to 500 kg.

“It’s easy, manageable and economical to automate the internal transport of the different carts and transport cages, which companies, logistics centres and hospitals already use. You don’t need to modify the layout or purchase new carts, since MiRHook can locate and connect to almost any types of carts via QR codes or AprilTags,” said Søren E. Nielsen, President of MiR.

The new generation of MiRHook robots is patented and MiR is the world’s only AMR manufacturer with a solution that can tow carts. MiR250 Hook automatically attaches to a cart and delivers it to the cart’s destination without any human involvement. The invention increases the range of applications of an autonomous mobile robot (AMR). The design of the new solution is robust, created to be used in industrial environments. It can move at speeds of up to 2 m/s and navigates safely and efficiently. There are no limitations to the number of carts that a MiR250 Hook robot can collect and tow to different positions and the robot can collect carts of different sizes and heights. The speed, flexibility, and industrial design of MiR’s new MiR250 Hook solution optimises workflows significantly.

For example, it creates better, more efficient flow at an assembly line when the components are delivered on time automatically to the employees, meaning the employees can spend their time assembling products rather than collecting material and parts during the assembly work. At the same time, the company saves space because the carts with components are delivered in time from stock, rather than being left to stand in the production area, taking up space.

“There are optimisations to be gained across industries and sectors with MiR250 Hook. Every day many thousands of cages with packs are moved around logistics companies and there will be major gains by changing from manual transport to MiR250 Hook. In the healthcare sector we also see significant potential for lifting the burden from personnel by automating the internal transport of linen, waste and things like that,” said Søren E. Nielsen, President of MiR.

Very few preparations are needed before MiR250 Hook can be taken into use at the workplace: QR codes or AprilTags are attached to the existing carts or cages at the workplace, so that MiR250 Hook can identify each cart or cage. The robot maps its surroundings when it is operated manually on its routes for the first time, or the mapping can be done with a few clicks by importing a map of the buildings and premises into the robot’s software. The robot can also communicate with elevators and doors, so that it can freely move between departments.

Companies who already own a MiR250 robot can simply purchase the actual cart-towing MiR Hook 250 top module. Other customers can quickly be ready to automate the internal transport of carts by investing in a MiR250 robot and a MiR Hook 250, which MiR sends as a complete solution, ready to be taken into use.