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Aventis Collaborates with IBM to Automate Training Management System
April 14, 2022 News


To keep pace with the rapid expansion and growing demand for tertiary education, Aventis Learning Group, an award-winning corporate training provider sees the need to bring a world-class learning experience to the market. Aventis works with IBM, bringing users of its Training Management System (TMS) the power of IBM Watson Natural Language Understanding hosted on IBM Cloud. This helps Aventis to offer better-personalised learning courses for both corporate and individual learners, improve their scalability by reducing their dependence on humans and increase the speed of service.

Aventis, like many learning and development institutions in the region, has been managing training courses manually. Repetitive operations that are time-intensive are often critical to the running of the day-to-day business. With the intent of helping employees focus their time on more significant tasks, Aventis is focused on simplifying and accelerating highly repetitive, routine tasks like its back-office administrative works and booking processes, including scheduling coordination with training providers via email, and phone calls, and excel spreadsheets.

To hone its vision for an enhanced TMS platform, Aventis worked with IBM’s team of technology and design experts to identify the personalised enrollment experience that can empower its customers to take the lead on their own academic journey while alleviating administrative challenges. The team utilised the IBM Garage Methodology, a collaborative approach to fast-track innovation, to better understand Aventis’ needs, ascertain their readiness, and explore potential solutions. Aventis wanted to explore an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-infused Training Management System (TMS) that aims to understand the training needs of each customer and recommend the most suitable course.

Aventis used IBM Watson Natural Language Understanding to help analyse the course content, and training needs and identify actionable recommendations for the courses. The minimum viable products (MVPs) are securely hosted on IBM Cloud, allowing Aventis to expand its hybrid cloud approach to scale, independently manage and refine features of the MVPs without affecting the entire system. The overall project took three months to complete but the MVPs were completed in just six weeks.

As a result, 75% of Aventis customers find the system effective and provide them with the right course recommendation. It also makes the course finding and booking process faster. This implementation is driving efficiencies in Aventis with reduced staff workload and streamlined the day-to-day work schedule. 85% of them found the system useful and help to improve their productivity. The staff can now keep track of the customer’s learning status and build on skill competency levels.

“At Aventis Learning Group, we pride ourselves as a forward-looking corporate training provider that seeks to empower the future workforce with the latest technology and skills development through the offering of future-ready courses, to put every learner on the path to success,” said Samuel Teo, General Manager of Aventis. “With the advanced capabilities of IBM Watson technology, our course recommendation solution can now offer personalised training and skills recommendations to individual learners to optimise their learning curve and skills capability. It helps to optimise and continuously improve the learning model for our TMS. As it grows in experience, we will improve its ability to engage with customers learners on a one-on-one level and develop a unique enrollment experience and learning tailored for each of them.”

According to Colin Tan, General Manager and Technology Leader at IBM Singapore: “Our experience working with thousands of companies of different sizes and industries has taught us that enterprises who adopt cloud-native application development see a marked increase in efficiency, scalability and productivity, as well as improved user experience. IBM is happy to collaborate with training providers like Aventis taking the first step to embrace the growing trend of AI and cloud to gain a greater advantage in the market.”

While big companies have long started employing new technologies like AI and Machine Learning to optimise their business processes, SMEs are still standing on the edge trying to decipher if the new technology holds any answers for them. It is time to see more SMEs in Singapore engage with AI as it can help them vastly reduce operational inefficiencies and improve their processes. Artificial Intelligence can automate repetitive and manual tasks allowing employees to focus on higher-return work, increasing employee productivity from 30 to 40%.