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AVEVA Accelerates Progress on Decarbonising Operations and Delivering Software That Advances Net Zero


AVEVA, a global leader in industrial software, has met its Scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions targets for 2025 early and accelerated investment in software solutions that help customers in the UK and beyond to decarbonise.

The results, communicated in the new “AVEVA 2023 Sustainability Progress Report,” reveal significant progress across all three pillars of the company’s sustainability framework, encompassing product strategy, operations and culture.

AVEVA has achieved four out of 15 ESG goals for 2025:

  • Reduce GHG emissions across operations (Scopes 1 & 2) by 90% (actual 93%) from FY20 baseline.
  • Cut GHG emissions associated with business travel (Scope 3) by 20% (actual 43%) from FY20 baseline.
  • Remain in the top 25% of security benchmarks (BitSight).
  • Increase employee confidence in reporting unethical behaviour to top 25% for industry.

Looking to next year, AVEVA plans to continue its work to maintain these results and will focus on achieving our other 2025 ESG targets.

Caspar Herzberg, CEO at AVEVA, said: “Our third sustainability report reflects the tremendous progress we have made over the past year to reduce our own environmental footprint, enhance our sustainability handprint with our customers, and strengthen our culture at AVEVA. I’m proud of our whole team for the focus and commitment to drive meaningful change. These gains will inspire us as we continue to pioneer software that enables industry to be at the centre of delivering a more socially just, low-carbon future.”

The report marks AVEVA’s third year of reporting on the progress and learnings it has made against its strategic environmental, social and governance (ESG) framework and pledges. The first report established guiding commitments to environment and gender for 2030, while the second launched 15 ESG targets for 2025.

Sustainability Gains Across Product, Operations, and Culture

As part of delivering across its holistic ESG strategy, AVEVA has embedded sustainability more deeply into the company’s core product strategy under its “technology handprint” pillar. Beyond building in new sustainability-specific capabilities into its software portfolio, the company is investing in global sales enablement aligned to growing the green economy.

In addition, the report also looks at how AVEVA’s software is facilitating industrial sustainability worldwide. Specifically in Asia, AVEVA’s partnership with Nestlé has led to a 3% energy use reduction or 10% cost savings at four sites in Thailand.

Additional product-related sustainability highlights include:

  • 115+ innovative sustainability concepts delivered during hackathons
  • 750+ universities worldwide incorporate AVEVA software into curricula and research
  • Pilot impact study on contribution of industrial software to advancing net-zero goals

AVEVA’s “operational footprint” pillar focuses on advancing ethical best practices and environmental stewardship across AVEVA’s own operations and value chain.

Results delivered in FY23 include:

  • AVEVA’s net-zero commitments validated by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi).
  • AVEVA was recognised by the Financial Times as a Europe Climate Leader.
  • AVEVA launched its Supplier Code of Conduct and responsible sourcing program.

AVEVA depends on its employees to promote sustainable change internally and for local communities. As part of its inclusive culture pillar, AVEVA is infusing diversity, equity, inclusion and wellbeing (DEIW) considerations into every stage of employees’ careers.

This year, AVEVA ensured:

  • 2% of new hires in FY23 were women.
  • 200+ employees were given leadership training.
  • 36% of employees participated in an Action for Good event.

The company also committed to several vital equity movements, becoming a signatory to Change the Race Ratio and the Race at Work Charter.

Why a Clearly Defined Sustainability Matters

Lisa Wee, Global Head of Sustainability at AVEVA, underscored the benefit of a clearly defined sustainability strategy for businesses.

“By establishing a clear, strategic and ambitious sustainability framework and program at AVEVA, we have been able to set direction for our organization, drive alignment and measure impact. Customers and partners are also looking for opportunities to collaborate with those that share their values, understand their challenges and boast a robust sustainability track record of their own,” explained Wee.

More information on AVEVA’s sustainability targets and accomplishments can be found in the full report, including a mapping of our sustainability solutions, a deep dive into gender representation and pay parity within the company, and a look at alignment with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).