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Axis Communications Launches First Axis Experience Center in Singapore and Southeast Asia
October 17, 2022 News


Axis Communications, a leader in network video, recently opened the first Axis Experience Center (AEC) in Singapore. Representing the first AEC in Southeast Asia, the state-of-the-art facility is designed to showcase cutting-edge security innovations and solutions, reaffirming Axis’s commitment to elevating security standards not only in Singapore, but also the broader region, for a smarter and safer world.

The SGD $1M Experience Center was unveiled at Axis Communications’ Singapore headquarters in Suntec City on 30 September. The opening was graced by Jacqueline Poh, Managing Director at the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB), as the Guest-of-Honour. Other distinguished guests included His Excellency Kent Härstedt, Ambassador to Singapore, Kingdom of Sweden, as well as senior leadership representatives from Axis Communications, Boudewijn Pesch, Vice President, Asia Pacific, and Carl Malmqvist, Regional Director, South Asia Pacific.

Through physical product showcases and interactive demonstrations, guests can experience firsthand the ability of future-ready technologies to deliver optimal security outcomes. This includes advanced surveillance systems encompassing features such as audio analytics, intrusion detection and automated access control systems, as well as data analysis tools that yield actionable insights for better decision making. As the 25th AEC globally, the Singapore facility is envisioned to serve as the center of excellence for the region. It will be joined by new AECs across key cities in Asia Pacific such as Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Bangkok, Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi, among others, unlocking further opportunities for growth and partnerships.

Carl Malmqvist, Regional Director, South Asia Pacific, at Axis Communications said, “The digitalisation of Southeast Asia has reached a tipping point, driven by increasing awareness of the benefits that digital technologies can provide. We anticipate continued technology adoption and innovation to create opportunities for the growth of advanced security applications. Having an Experience Center in a regional business hub like Singapore provides Axis with the platform to better engage its ecosystem of stakeholders across Southeast Asia, facilitating collaboration essential to meet evolving security requirements in today’s increasingly networked environments. We look forward to working closely with trusted partners such as Singapore’s Economic Development Board to build smarter, safer, sustainable and efficient cities of the future. ”

Poh added: “We expect demand for advanced security solutions that incorporate digital technologies to grow in Southeast Asia as the benefits of digitalisation become more widely known. Singapore’s strengths and capabilities in network security and advanced analytics, coupled with our hub advantages, make it an ideal location for the Axis Experience Center. We look forward to Axis’s plans to enhance our ecosystem by bringing private and public sector stakeholders together to address important and emerging security challenges.”

Collaboration with like-minded industry partners both locally and regionally is a key factor to drive Axis’s growth in Asia. One such partner is Singtel, with whom Axis is currently exploring 5G use cases for security applications. 5G networks can support increased bandwidth that are essential for data aggregation and analysis, giving rise to more innovative security solutions in areas such as automation and Machine Learning.

Dennis Wong, VP, 5G Enterprise & Cloud, at Singtel Group, said: “Many enterprises are undergoing rapid digitalisation while exploring and developing 5G solutions for deployment in their industries. Singtel’s 5G network and Paragon MEC platform have been specially designed to help them address their business needs, improve operational efficiencies, and unlock new opportunities to advance in a 5G world. Such solutions, developed with industry partners like Axis, are currently being showcased and trialled at Singtel’s facilities such as the FutureNow Innovation Centre, Centre of Digital Excellence, as well as the 5G Garage, which is a live test facility, training centre and ideation lab. With the opening of the AEC, enterprises have a new avenue to secure the solutions and support they need to help them achieve their digitalisation goals and aspirations in Singapore and beyond.”

According to industry research, the global physical security industry is forecasted to generate USD $153 billion by 2023, with Asia Pacific being a key driver of this growth. One of the most prominent issues faced by the industry currently is a lack of manpower, making it crucial to adopt advanced technology-first solutions to better secure businesses and optimise operations as digital economies continue to grow. These trends align with Axis’s security solutions, making the launch of the Singapore AEC timely for local organisations and positioning the company well for regional growth.

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