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Babilon-Mobile Selects Baicells to Be the Primary 4G and 5G Base Station Provider to Build a Full Mobile Network in Tajikistan
November 30, 2021 News


Baicells, a leading global manufacturer of LTE and 5G wireless connectivity solutions, announced it signed a deal with Babilon-Mobile, one of the largest mobile operators in Tajikistan, to provide the mobile operator with hundreds of 4G and 5G base stations to the cities of Dushanbe, Khujand and others. Babilon-Mobile plans on having hundreds of base stations deployed within the next three months.

In Tajikistan, the mobile market is seeing an accelerated shift to mobile broadband. This mobile deployment by Babilon-Mobile will open the door for more communities in Tajikistan to access 4G connectivity and continue developing their wireless infrastructure to enable 5G in the future.

Babilon-Mobile selected Baicells innovative products for this deployment due to the disruptive price, large support team and the ability to transition to 5G. Baicells boasts some of the most cost-effective base stations in the world, driving down the Total Cost of Ownership up to 40–50% when compared to traditional solutions, and will increase Babilon-Mobile’s return on investment. Baicells is supplying a large team to support Babilon-Mobile network rollout and increase the speed of installation for the deployment. The base stations provided by Baicells will come fully equipped with the ability for Babilon-Mobile to upgrade the network to 5G in the nearby future, protecting the mobile company’s investment.

“Baicells is very honored and pleased to be selected by Babilon-Mobile to build the whole 4G network and the 5G in the near future”, said Bai Wei, General Manager at Baicells International Business. “We believe Baicells innovative solution can help our valued customer and partner to build a flagship network in Tajikistan”.

Firdavs F., Director of Babilon-Mobile commented, “We believe that Baicells can help us to build a highly qualified LTE network with sustainable long-term support structure”.