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BlackBerry Launches BlackBerry IVY Advisory Council to Fuel Smart Mobility Innovation
June 24, 2021 Blog


BlackBerry Limited (NYSE: BB; TSX: BB) today announced the BlackBerry IVY Advisory Council, a new invitation-only body comprised of leading companies across the transportation and mobility industries that will help shape and advise the BlackBerry IVY development community and the vertical-specific services and automotive applications that will be brought to market using BlackBerry’s Intelligent Vehicle Data Platform, BlackBerry IVY™.

The BlackBerry IVY Advisory Council’s purpose is to accelerate the BlackBerry IVY development community by focusing on the creation of high-impact technology use cases and solutions that leverage in-vehicle data. Council members will help drive the BlackBerry IVY roadmap, focusing on co-value development with a view to addressing key pain points that OEMs are looking to solve for.

BlackBerry IVY Advisory Council launch partners include HERE Technologies, Cerence, TELUS, GEICO and AWS. Advisory Council founding members will get exclusive first access to developer tools and BlackBerry IVY product releases in addition to benefiting from joint marketing activities to promote their product innovations. Additional members are expected to join the Advisory Council in the coming months and interested industry parties are encouraged to contact BlackBerry.

The establishment of the Advisory Council evolved from the industry interest seen following the initial BlackBerry IVY launch announcement and the ability of BlackBerry IVY to help OEMs, smart mobility providers, fleet operators, and developers leverage the rich insights from the next generation of intelligent connected vehicles.

“Developing alongside our colleagues at BlackBerry will help transform the automotive industry, and the engagement with other industry leaders will ensure an accelerated path toward the mobility industry of the future,” said Wendy Bauer, Global head, Automotive Sales at Amazon Web Services. “Collectively, the members of the BlackBerry IVY Advisory Council will bring their individual expertise to the table and collaborate to solve the biggest challenges in connected mobility, inspire the developer community, and leverage these tools for an improved driving experience.”

“BlackBerry is proud to welcome HERE Technologies, Cerence, TELUS, GEICO and AWS as founding partners of our new BlackBerry IVY Advisory Council,” said Vito Giallorenzo, SVP Corporate Development & Chief Operating Officer, IoT. “Innovation in transportation and mobility is advancing at dizzying speeds across many data-driven solution domains. BlackBerry IVY is a scalable and cost-effective partner to help companies across the entire ecosystem unlock revenue and capture the growth opportunity. We look forward to working with this exceptionally talented, future-focused group of leading organisations to do so in the months and years ahead.”