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Central Group Leverages Workato to put Employee Experience at the Centre of Their Digital Operations
June 15, 2022 News


Workato, a leading enterprise automation platform, has announced that Central Group, Thailand’s top retail, property and hospitality conglomerate, will use Workato to transform and elevate employee experience. They started the initiative by streamlining processes and leveraging easy-to-use, mobile-friendly solutions to establish a stronger connection with their large frontline workforce. The company is also looking to replace outdated technology tools, and eliminate manual and repetitive work with automations. This recent adoption marked an important step of Central Group toward becoming a Digi-Lifestyle Platform.

The Workato platform gives Central Group the ability to simplify and value-add to their existing employee-centric processes. The leave request and approvals process is easily done by connecting ‘Leave Bot’ through the chat platform. The mobile-friendly solutions also include ‘Health Bot,’ a health declaration form submissions and employees update on related COVID-19 situations and ‘Chom Bot’ to extend employee appreciation on a company-wide level. Employees will now be enabled to complete these transactional tasks quickly via their mobile devices, with just a click of the button. After implementation, the waiting time for leave approvals are reduced by 94%, and the team is able to build and go live with integrations in one week.

“The implementation of HR automations has significantly transformed our employees’ experience. As we continue to scale our processes with Workato, we’re excited to elevate our employees’ experience, and become a leading enterprise in this digital era,” said Parichat Hananyant, Head of Digital HR at Central Group.

“As a leading retail and service developer in Asia, Central Group’s brand is synonymous with excellence and quality. We are excited to work with them on automating their business processes, and we look forward to paving the way for digital transformation throughout the organisation,” said Allan Teng, Founder of and Managing Director at Workato Asia Pacific and Japan.