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CHINT Leads the Way in Constructing Complex Data Centres and Carbon-Neutral Solutions   
November 16, 2023 News CHINT Data Centre


The growing use of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other data-intensive technologies in data centres has made efficiency more important than ever, especially as the demand for computing power increases exponentially. According to Arizton, the Philippines’ data centre market is growing rapidly, driven by the increasing adoption of cloud computing, digital transformation, and digital connectivity. The shift of businesses’ workloads to the cloud is a major factor in this growth. In recent years, Manila has become a popular location for data center operators, accounting for over 75% of the country’s current power capacity.

This surge in demand has created an urgent need for expertise, experience, and supply in the region to provide reliable data centre solutions that meet the requirements of next-generation data centre construction. CHINT, a global leader in smart energy solutions, offers ready solutions for building complex data centres that meet the massive energy demands of hyperscale data centres while also reducing waste materials and pollution and complying with regulations.

At the Data Center World Asia 2023 this year, CHINT demonstrated to their customers the capabilities of their data centre solutions that are designed to meet the power distribution needs of hyperscale data centres. One of these solutions include the EnergiX-P40, a Power Distribution Unit (PDU) certified under the IEC-61439 type test. With up to 144 outgoing circuits, the circuit breakers in the EnergiX-P40 can be replaced without the need to power down the entire PDU. This is important for data centres and other critical infrastructures where downtime is unacceptable, even during maintenance or repair. This can also help to improve the availability and uptime of data centres and other critical applications.

Perfect for the Philippines 

In addition, CHINT’s data centre solutions are particularly well-suited for use in the Philippines, which is prone to natural disasters and thus at risk of unavailable power supply. CHINT’s EnergiX-P40, certified under the IEC60068 seismic test, is designed to withstand natural disasters such as earthquakes and typhoons. This reduces the risk of data centre downtime and disruptions.

Along with this, substations also play an important part as they lower the electricity voltage from the grid and provide backup power in case of outages. CHINT’s prefabricated substations, which can also include lithium battery systems, are shipped to the data centre site for easy onsite integration with fire protection systems, ultimately reducing material waste.

Experience and Expertise Guaranteed

With over 35 years of global experience and a team of top engineers and research scientists spanning over 140+ countries and regions, CHINT is at the forefront of driving change in the data centre industry. In the Philippines, CHINT has been supporting many data centre construction projects, including one of the largest hyperscale data centres in the country.

“Data centres are critical infrastructure, and data centre owners must address the complexity of data centre construction at the onset of each project if they want to build them to the highest standards, and with government regulations and scalability in mind. The construction will require careful planning and design,” said Er. Lim Say Leong, IEC Ambassador (2018–2021) and Technical Director of Asia Pacific at CHINT Global and Sunlight Electrical.

He added: “Engineers working on the project must have the expertise to consider all the factors involved, such as ways to optimise the design of the data centre and select the most cost-effective materials with high quality and construction methods. In addition, the use of prefabricated substations can also significantly reduce the time it takes to construct a data center, improve the quality of construction, and are definitely more cost-effective than traditional construction methods, especially for hyperscale data centres.”

As CHINT continues to increase their footprint in APAC through their rapid business expansion plans, the company already has a strong pipeline of projects where they will partner with more individuals, businesses and governments to reimagine smart energy solutions while reshaping their strategy in the smart energy sector so as to meet new and more complex demands.