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Choosing the Right CDN Provider
August 10, 2022 Blog


We are living in an age where customer experience has become the most important aspect of customer acquisition and retention for organisations across industries. We used to measure customer satisfaction by looking at customer service, but today how we service customers is just a small subset of what we now describe as customer experience.

Experience is wide-ranging. It increasingly includes digital experience and even covers areas on whether your clients trust you to safeguard their data.

In this battle to deliver outstanding experience, digital interaction, websites and online commerce, it all contributes to whether your customers enjoy their interaction with you and whether they will stay loyal.

Ensuring the quality, speed, reliability, and security of your digital and online customer engagement has never been more important.  But the nature of “raw cloud” means that you are dependent on infrastructure outside of your control which makes it impossible to guarantee online experience service levels.

Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) solve this problem.

At a high level, CDNs are a group of managed globally distributed servers that work together to ensure guaranteed levels of performance for consumers of your online assets wherever they might be located. Key functions that CDNs deliver include:

Efficiency: CDNs enrich the loading times of a webpage and decrease bounce rates, providing users with faster content delivery. For instance, faster buffering ensures undisruptive video streaming.

Security: Firewall, automation tools, and analytics embedded with CDN infrastructure robustly tackle DDoS and numerous other cyber-attacks.

Availability: Increased content availability as CDNs can handle more internet traffic and prevent network failures, further boosting user or customer satisfaction.

Reduced Costs: CDNs significantly decrease bandwidth consumption and costs because content copies are stored near users, which results in reduced data transfers from the core or origin server.

Outsourced Infrastructure: Organisations save time, money, and human resources as they do not have to maintain their own geographically distributed server networks

Choosing the right CDN provider can be complex. Matching where they have infrastructure against where your traffic emanates from can be a good starting point, but often it can still be difficult to differentiate as marketing brochures can make similar claims. Here are Important Features to Assess when Selecting a CDN Provider:

DNS Response Time: If the CDN provider’s Domain Name System (DNS) setup is complex and multiplex, the general web performance will be slower, leading to increased wait time with slower DNS response time.

Connect Time: Organisations must make sure that the CDN vendor offers a fast and constant server with the right network peering, as well as substantial network connectivity, low latency, and no packet loss.

Wait Time: Unnecessary wait time indicates the capacity and poor configuration issues with the CDN provider’s network. Also, it helps organisations to know whether the content is being transmitted from the edge or from the website’s origin server.

Throughput: Is CDN throughput (total units of information produced/time) higher than the origin server regardless of the file size?

Traceroutes: Traceroutes, diagnostic commands, are essential for displaying possible routes, as end-users are often directed to the wrong places due to incorrect IP addresses.

Cache Hit/ Miss Ratio:  An important metric to analyse when looking for a suitable CDN provider, as both these elements help ensure whether the cache is operating at an optimum level. For example, a high hit ratio and low miss ratio mean cache is operating well

Orange Business Services is a network native digital services company. They are experts in connectivity, to help you transform in a secured and agile environment that is resilient and flexible to business changes. Orange Global CDN is robust and meets the technical requirements outlined above to ensure you can deliver efficient and reliable online customer experience wherever your customers are located.

Whether your online assets and applications are web or mobile, Orange Business Services offers robust, reliable, and fast CDN services to ensure the smooth functioning of your entire content architecture. Orange Global CDN is architected to handle peak web traffic and even unexpected spikes in traffic to ensure customers receive an undisruptive, secure, and fluid digital experience, regardless of the users’ location.

Whether financial services, commerce, manufacturing, IT, healthcare or any other, Orange Global CDN is designed for all types of industries, including those not using the Orange network or relative services. They are committed to deliver and protect web content, including high-definition video, gaming or software, through reliable CDN.

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