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Cisco Survey: IT Complexity Is Main Challenge to Innovation for Businesses in Malaysia


Businesses in Malaysia are making innovation a top priority as they look to leverage the opportunities created by rapid digitalisation of the nation’s economy. According to a recent State of Global Innovation survey by Cisco, 9 in 10 (94%) organizations in Malaysia said that they plan to increase their budget for innovation projects over the next two or three years.

The respondents from Malaysia, consisting of CIOs, IT decision-makers, and developers, highlighted that one of the key focus areas for them is to reduce the complexity in their IT infrastructure, with 8 in 10 (82%) respondents saying they value simplicity in managing technology. In fact, many believe that a simplified IT infrastructure can even help accelerate innovation. More than half (54%) of the respondents said they can take an innovation project from ideation to implementation in less than a year if given the right tools to manage their IT complexity.

With so many technologies and applications coming together, businesses are facing challenges not only in delivering simple, predictable, and outcome-driven operations as they deploy new products and services but also in securing them. Managing today’s technology ecosystem is becoming both a challenge and an opportunity for innovation.

As such, visibility has become foundational in helping businesses tackle their complexity. Not surprisingly, 88% of respondents expressed the need for a centralized point of management for, and insights into, their IT infrastructure, network, applications, cybersecurity, and digital experience. The same percentage of respondents also stated that they could improve their end-user customer experience with more insight from their network or data.

In an environment where users are everywhere, applications are distributed, and infrastructure is expanding, it takes an IT team—unified by the platforms they are using—to build, secure, manage, and optimise their environments.

Cisco’s Vision for Simplifying IT and Unifying User Experience

Insights from the Cisco State of Global Innovation study send a clear message to businesses—simplifying their IT and security could pave the way to greater innovation for them. It also has the potential to accelerate Malaysia’s economy. In a recent speech, the Communications and Digital Minister Fahmi Fadzil highlighted that Malaysia’s digital economy could potentially contribute up to 25.5% to its gross domestic product (GDP) by 2025.

Hana Raja, Country Manager at Cisco in Malaysia said: “Today’s technology landscape is getting increasingly complex and fragmented, yet users expect better experiences than ever. Simplicity is becoming critical for businesses as they look to innovate and deliver on their business outcomes. We continue to work closely with businesses in Malaysia to help them adopt a platform approach that delivers unified experiences everywhere, and at scale, securely.”

At Cisco US Live 2023, Cisco revealed its vision for the Cisco Networking Cloud, which leverages tools like Cisco ThousandEyes to deliver expanded visibility, automated insights, and seamless workflows to assure digital experiences across any network, whether on-premises, the internet, or in the cloud.

Committed to Simplifying the User Experience

Taking steps toward its commitment to simplify and elevate user experiences, Cisco Networking Cloud details how Cisco will deliver a single platform experience for seamlessly managing all networking domains. Cisco also launched Cisco Secure Access, a security service edge solution, that offers frictionless access across any location, any device, and any application through one platform, delivering on its promise of the Cisco Security Cloud to simplify cybersecurity and empower people to do their best work from anywhere regardless of the increasingly sophisticated threat landscape. With IT simplification, Cisco is confident in taking its vision to value and in helping businesses in Malaysia unlock its innovations.