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Cloud Comrade Becomes First Carrier for Work Partner in the Asia Pacific
May 23, 2022 News


Cloud Comrade, Singapore-headquartered cloud computing consultancy and managed services provider (MSP), is partnering with Tehama, a secure virtual office platform, to bring its virtual Office-as-a-Service platform on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to enterprises in Singapore.

Tehama’s next-generation Carrier for Work service enables enterprises to connect their remote workers with mission-critical and data-sensitive systems with unparalleled speed, agility and security. Designed for a global hybrid workforce, Tehama provides a faster path to cloud adoption for today’s work-from-anywhere environments by enabling mid-market and large enterprises around the globe with the ability to deploy hundreds or thousands of virtual desktops connected on OCI in minutes. Enterprises leveraging Tehama also get to enjoy a comprehensive audit trail via built-in SOC 2 controls, real-time activity feeds and session recordings that the solution offers.

“Tehama’s cloud-based platform is the smartest, safest and most secure way to deploy a virtual workforce anywhere in the world,” said Paul Vallée, Founder of and CEO at Tehama. “Built on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, our solution delivers a robust work-from-anywhere solution that enables organisations to easily deploy a global workforce without lengthy delays or added costs. Singapore is the first part of our Southeast Asian expansion plan, and we are pleased to embark on this journey together with Cloud Comrade. Given their customer focus, professional expertise, and impressive track record in ASEAN, partnering with Cloud Comrade was a no-brainer for us. We will be working closely with them to empower more organisations in the region to reap the full benefits of a hybrid work future.”

“We are very excited about this partnership. There is great synergy between Cloud Comrade and Tehama in our visions for the Southeast Asian region, which comprises some of the most robust and dynamic markets, with Singapore right at the heart of it,” added Andy Waroma, Co-Managing Director at Cloud Comrade Cloud. “Comrade is committed to accelerating the digital transformation of enterprises across Southeast Asia, and we believe that Tehama’s solution is one that would reshape the way organisations in the region operate in a hybrid work future. Customers can look forward to seamless remote work enablement that is cost-optimised, brings faster time-to-value and, most importantly, comes with topnotch security.”