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CommScope Selected by JTOWER to Provide Tower Sharing Delivery Model to Expand 5G Reach in Japan


CommScope has announced that it has been selected by leading neutral host service provider JTOWER to be its partner in providing network operators with greater access to shared broadband infrastructure. Through the partnership, JTOWER will provide outdoor infrastructure sharing for network operators using CommScope’s RF technologies and solutions such as antennas, filters (duplexers) and coaxial cables.

“In Japan, 5G networks are currently being rolled out by various network operators, and JTOWER’s solutions will enable telcos to develop its base station infrastructure more efficiently,” said Yusuke Kiriya, Senior Managing Director and General Manager of Infrastructure Sharing at JTOWER. “We have high confidence in CommScope’s long years of global experience, high level of expertise and flexible support that is tailored to our requirements.”

Maximising the Potential and Cost-Efficiency of 5G

The promise of autonomous vehicles, augmented reality, 8K video quality and enhanced cybersecurity that will run on 5G networks is fueling expansion across Japan. As operators focus on pragmatic implementations of 5G networks, they will need to determine which type of technology will maximise its potential.

For example, massive MIMO substantially increases spectral efficiency to deliver more network capacity and wider coverage. However, operators will have to determine if the extra costs and real-world power requirements associated with active MIMO deployments are justified, or if an antennae configuration will suffice.

“As countries like Japan focus on the next decade of communications infrastructure, they will collaborate with partners who are committed to rapid connectivity and data delivery. At the same time, it’s crucial they drive innovations that boost efficiency, deliver energy savings and optimise processes to support the wider economy’s net-zero transition. By tapping into CommScope’s antenna technology via a shared model, it is a win-win for JTOWER and mobile operators across Japan,” stated Farid Firouzbakht, senior vice president and segment president, Outdoor Wireless Networks, CommScope.

Choosing Optimal Technology to Speed Up 5G Rollouts

JTOWER’s tower-sharing business will provide shared access to CommScope’s Mosaic and HELIAX® products to network operators. The trusted HELIAX solution portfolio has expanded from coaxial offerings to include fiber-to-the-antenna (FTTA) and cluster connector solutions like the ones being integrated into JTOWER’s infrastructure