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CORNEX Showcases Latest Renewable Energy Products at The Smarter E Europe 2023


CORNEX New Energy Co., Ltd., a new global energy company committed to the innovation of lithium-ion battery technology, showcased its flagship products, including the Conergy π314Ah large battery cell and CORNEX 215kWh liquid cooling outdoor cabinet, at The Smarter E Europe 2023, the largest platform for the European energy industry, held from June 14 to 16 in Munich, Germany.

Conergy π314Ah Large Battery Cell: Stable Performance, Longer Battery Life

The Conergy π 314Ah large battery cell has tackled the technological bottlenecks of long circulation and safety issues, its single-cell energy is up to 1,004Wh with cycle times reaching 12,000 times. Through the optimisation of the electrolyte design formula and pole lug structure, it has lowered internal resistance by 15% while temperature rise is decreased by 10%.

Additionally, the main material of positive and negative electrodes is modified in structure, coupled with special coating treatment and granulation process to ensure the stability of the material structure of the battery in the long-term cycle process, extending the battery cell life.

CORNEX 215kWh Liquid Cooling Outdoor Cabinet: An All-in-One Solution

CORNEX 215kWh liquid cooling outdoor cabinet is applicable to industrial and commercial scenarios. The flexible, all-in-one product has adopted an integrated plug-and-play design supporting multiple parallel connections.

It is a greener solution that utilises large surface cooling technology to control the system temperature within 30°C and ensure a system temperature difference within 2°C to achieve constant temperature control of the cell.

It’s also a safer design with IP55 grade protection, and an intelligent product with functions including full-range monitoring in real-time, safety warning, fault diagnosis, smart operation, and maintenance, while supporting automatic grid switching.

CORNEX has also developed a fast and efficient after-sales service system that provides full life-cycle support and management to meet the needs of global clients, that includes field service, remote monitoring, safety systems, training, quality improvement, supply chain management, customer service, and financial management.