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Criteo Launches First-Ever Supply-Side Platform Built for Commerce


Criteo, the commerce media company, has announced the launch of Commerce Grid, a first-of-its-kind supply-side platform (SSP) purpose-built for agencies and publishers looking to efficiently connect media and commerce with programmatic.

Commerce Grid differentiates itself from other SSPs by bringing Criteo’s proprietary Commerce Audiences to both buyers and sellers on the supply side for the first time. When packaged with premium inventory, ad buyers can target these audiences—built from Criteo’s leading artificial intelligence (AI) technology that analyses billions of real-time commerce signals—through their preferred demand-side platform (DSP) to engage with potential customers across all channels, devices and stages of their shopping journey. Publishers also gain access to other Criteo assets, including shoppable formats and commerce insights.

According to McKinsey, commerce media has the potential to generate over USD $1.3 trillion of enterprise value in the United States alone by 2026, with USD $50 billion up for grabs by publishers.

“Commerce Grid is another milestone in our transformational roadmap, enabling our existing and future clients to engage in the massive commerce media opportunity,” said Brian Gleason, Chief Revenue Officer at Criteo. “While publishers recognize the opportunity, they’ve also struggled to find a clear path on how to access commerce budgets and buyers. With Commerce Grid, we’re able to connect them directly to commerce demand and opportunities, while giving agencies and brands the flexibility to access desired commerce segments, coupled with premium supply, through their preferred demand platforms.”

Connecting Agencies with Premium Audiences to Drive Commerce Outcomes

Omnicom Media Group (OMG), the media services division of leading global marketing and corporate communications company Omnicom Group Inc., served as an exclusive agency partner for the launch.

“Commerce Grid marks a significant step forward for the industry by enabling both flexibility and performance,” said Megan Pagliuca, Chief Activation Officer at OMG. “This gives us a new opportunity to find and reach the right audiences by leveraging existing buying systems and workflows to deliver superior commerce outcomes for our clients.”

Enriching Inventory to Drive Yield for Premium Publishers

For publishers, Commerce Grid provides a market-first opportunity to leverage Criteo’s powerful commerce insights to enhance the value and relevance of their inventory to attract growing commerce ad dollars. Commerce Grid also empowers publishers with robust commerce tools and insights to enhance ad offerings and inform content strategy to support existing commerce efforts and maximize overall revenue.

Commerce Grid is a part of Criteo’s Commerce Media Platform solution suite for clients, accelerated by the company’s strategic acquisition of IPONWEB in 2022. The platform brings together IPONWEB’s The MediaGrid SSP with Criteo’s legacy Direct Bidder solution. It’s currently available in the U.S. with additional global markets, features, and functionalities to be rolled out in the coming months.

For more information and to learn more about Commerce Grid, visit here.