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CXL Offers Integrated Payroll & Staffing Solutions That Prioritises The Human Element In A Digitalised Era
June 21, 2022 News


Maintaining the human touch in a tech-empowered era, CXL, a forerunner within the Human Resource (HR) industry strives to provide innovative and streamlined payroll and staffing solutions that matter. Recognised as a pioneer within the industry with over 30 years of combined experience in HR outsourcing, the company offers a wide range of holistic solutions to support the future of work.

Payroll processing can be an intimidating task to tackle. Most businesses regard this crucial aspect as a rather monotonous back-office commodity. A poorly planned initiative to “streamline” payroll processes can be disastrous, resulting in salary disruptions. Furthermore, businesses find themselves dealing with complicated payroll legislations. In addition, high turnover of payroll staff, combined with the difficulties in hiring competent payroll personnel, often lead to an organisation being left high and dry, scrambling for a replacement.

Running on a buddy system, CXL’s end-to-end payroll management support services have been proven to be secure, effective and reliable, and is ISO 9001-2015 certified. Its features include providing an automated time attendance system, paperless claim automation, and even a geo-location timesheet. Moving an organisation’s HR department from a transactional stage to a strategic function, CXL’s clients are able to focus on what truly matters – the employees and improving productivity.

The demands and processes of the HR industry are constantly evolving, and it is vital that businesses ensure they not only have the latest technology to keep up with this, but also the right people with the right expertise. Many businesses are of the opinion that having a payroll software is sufficient for their operations, but they lack the knowledge in regards to statutory compliance and labour law. Our innovative payroll solutions, combining knowledge and technology will be able to help keep businesses and HR departments on top of their game,” said Fariz Abdullah, CEO of CXL.

Data Security

Recognising data as the new currency and a core aspect of HR operation, CXL has placed data security as its highest priority. With a 3-tier data center, endorsed by the Malaysian National Security Council, CXL’s operations are further protected by a security system that includes facial recognition technology.

“Data security has been a rising concern for many companies. There have been cases of leaked highly sensitive payroll data due to internal staff disagreements or lack of commitment. CXL’s data center provider operates with a globally recognised certification. With solutions empowered by technology, we are excited to shape the future of payroll operations,” Fariz further commented. Aiming to digitise the HR function to the next level, CXL’s solutions will enable clients to fully focus on growing their business.

The HR Practitioner’s Best Friend

Aside from innovative payroll management services, CXL also provides contingent workforce management solutions.

The shift in business and workforce operations as a result of the pandemic has altered the functions of HR teams. More than just the administration team in charge of employment contracts, HR teams play a crucial role in ensuring overall company culture, employee welfare, and even a constant flow of talent, such as widening talent pools through a contingent workforce. Therefore, it is vital that they are given the robust tools needed to bridge any gaps identified in the organisation. Built by HR professionals, CXL’s strong team of experts are constantly abreast of the latest trends and provide temporary workforce solutions to meet recruitment demands.

In 2021, CXL merged with Ability Center, a Japan-based privately held temporary staffing firm. Moving forward, CXL aims to grow, acquire and expand their presence in the region. The company will also be branching out to Penang in the second half of 2022, to support the growing needs of the businesses there. For more information about CXL, check out their website: