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Dassault Systèmes Launches 3DEXPERIENCE World 2024 in Dallas, Texas: Design Innovation Unleashed in the Wild West
February 13, 2024 News


Written by: Bailey Martin, Tech Journalist, AOPG.

Dassault Systèmes, also known as 3DS, traces its roots back to the 1980s as a pioneering design software company primarily focused on the aviation and automotive sectors. Initially specialising in CAD, CAM, and PLM solutions, the company has undergone a remarkable transformation. Fast forward to 2024, and their platforms and solutions now span across diverse industries, accommodating every facet of the design and product life cycle.

Innovations within health technology, architecture, engineering, manufacturing, real estate, transportation, urban planning, and myriad other industries have flourished on 3DEXPERIENCE platforms. Notably, their Virtual Twin solution stands out as a revolutionary tool, granting inventors and creators digital replicas of their products. This technology facilitates simulations, enables structural adjustments, and captures invaluable data insights along the way.

Remarkably, 3DS is commemorating its 25th annual 3DEXPERIENCE World Event this year. Invited to the event, Disruptive Tech News (DTN) finds itself immersed in the heart of innovation and industry transformation.

People and customers, including a vibrant community of engineers, entrepreneurs, manufacturers, and industry leaders from around the world, eagerly converge at this event, brimming with anticipation to learn about the latest developments in 3DExperience Works. Among the myriad advancements, one particularly noteworthy trend emerges: The pivotal role of AI across various platform interfaces.

Bernard Charles, Chairman of Dassault, provided insights into this transformative integration, envisioning design tools augmented with AI models that serve as intelligent guides. Picture a ‘ChatGPT’ tailored for a ‘design model’ rather than a ‘language model’. For instance, a carpenter could instruct the AI tool to generate a template design of a coffee table based on specified criteria (such as the number of legs, dimensions of the table surface, and desired features), thus laying the groundwork for the design process.

During a press conference held at the same event, Manish Kumar, CEO of Dassault’s SolidWorks, emphasised that the AI tools slated for rollout on 3DEXPERIENCE and SolidWorks platforms will possess the capability to learn from and retain information about users’ activities, thereby enhancing their assistance in future endeavours.

Interestingly, these discussions spurred a focus on a distinctive realm of cybersecurity. Among the foremost concerns raised by customers, addressed by the main spokespersons, was the protection of ‘Intellectual Property’ (IP). With AI serving as an astute tool, learning from user activities and operations to apply insights to future projects facing similar challenges, a critical question arises: How can 3DEXPERIENCE ensure that elements or parts of a user’s IP remain safeguarded against unintentional leakage by AI when another user directs the AI tool to address a comparable issue?

Dassault approaches this concern with confidence, as clarified by Manish Kumar, assuring that these AI tools will be programmed to identify sensitive data and selectively retain such data for future use solely to aid the originating user. Furthermore, stringent policies will be implemented to authorise AI usage of data to assist other users on issues only with explicit consent from the original user.

Beyond IP protection, customers’ cybersecurity apprehensions extend to the cloud solutions offered by 3DEXPERIENCE. With robust capabilities for sharing, storing, and managing IP, ensuring commensurate cybersecurity measures is imperative. Dassault underscores its dedication to this aspect, reflecting a responsive stance following attentive feedback from its clientele.

Many partners and customers have announced their collaboration with Dassault on various projects. One notable partner, for instance, is Cadence Design Systems. Their Cadence Allegro platform can seamlessly integrate with the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, creating a unified space for multiple users to collaborate on electromechanical systems. The utilisation of Generative AI in this solution and throughout various parts of the workflow process was also emphasised. The release of this collaborative solution by Cadence and Dassault is scheduled for July 2024.

Cadence wasn’t the sole partner and sponsor at the event. In fact, Dassault dedicated an entire convention hall for attending partners to showcase their innovative solutions and products leveraging Dassault’s 3DEXPERIENCE and SolidWorks platforms. This hall was aptly nicknamed the ‘playground,’ where attendees and the press could interact with the myriad inventions and designs realised on 3DEXPERIENCE Works and SolidWorks. Among the notable exhibitors were Lenovo, Sigmetrix, AMD, Sony, and DELL. These entities have successfully developed products and solutions bolstered by the diverse brands and tools within Dassault’s ecosystem, even integrating Dassault’s software into their own solutions.

These were just a few highlights from the event’s exhilarating first days. There is certainly more to come, and the attendees share a palpable level of excitement. Rest assured, DTN will be here to keep you updated on all the latest developments.