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DeepBrain AI Deployed the First Conversational AI Human at Korea’s First Unmanned 7-Eleven Convenience Store 
February 24, 2022 News


DeepBrain AI, a company specialising in real-time conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) Humans, successfully launched 7-Eleven’s AI Kiosk in 2021. A subsidiary of Lotte Group, 7-Eleven’s AI Kiosk includes DeepBrain AI’s AI Human technology and additional innovative technologies for use in unmanned convenience stores. The “AI Clerk” provides promotional information, including discounts and newly stocked items, as well as background on the company and technology. With AI Kiosks, the 7-Eleven staff is more productive and can focus on essential and timely tasks while customers are getting important information quickly upon entering the stores.

“We believe AI Humans embedded with video and speech synthesis technology will disrupt many industries, including convenience stores,” said Eric Jang, founder and CEO of DeepBrain AI. “We’re excited to demonstrate this 7-Eleven commercial solution, which is currently in use, to highlight AI’s ability to humanise digital customer service and enhance customer experiences.”

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AI Clerk being used by a customer at the 7-Eleven convenience store in the Lotte Information and Communication building in Gasan-dong, Seoul. This AI Clerk answers questions about products and nearby locations.