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Disaggregating the 5G Ecosystem With Dell Technologies
June 15, 2021 News


Written by: Aron Raj, Journalist, AOPG

Everyone talks about the edge today and 5G plays a big role in it as the technology is expected to change almost everything in the near future. With more countries and organisations adopting and investing in various 5G solutions and infrastructure, the growth of this technology is expected to revolutionise the edge.

With investments in edge technologies expected to be around USD $700 billion by 2030 in industries ranging from healthcare and manufacturing to automotive and energy, the key players in this will be the Communication Service Providers (CSP). CSPs are aiming to transform their businesses and networks to support this enormous growth and benefit from the edge opportunities ahead.

In light of this, Dell Technologies is creating open software solutions and services designed for the unique requirements of the telecom industry. Collaborating with Dell, CSPs can use these new solutions to embrace software-defined industry standards, simplify integration and management of data at the edge and capture new revenue opportunities. You can read more about it here.

According to Aaron Chaisson, Vice President of Edge and Telecom at Dell Technologies, to be able to achieve this, CSPs need to drive three key innovations. They are the ability to build and monetise edge computing, modernise network architecture and embrace cloud-native operations. And this is where Dell Technologies can come in and help them.

At the same time, the 5G ecosystem continues to grow but is very disaggregated. Dell Technologies hopes to enable CSPs in handling this as well as solve the challenge of the massive geo-distribution at scale.

“Dell Technologies is committed to working with CSPs. We help them drive network modernisation at scale, organise the disaggregated system and deliver new service revenue. Our expertise and capabilities simplify customer’s journey to cloud-native networks,” said Aaron.

For Sam Saba, Head of Telecom for Asia Pacific and Japan at Dell Technologies, the situation in Asia is pretty interesting as the adoption in 5G is at different levels in different parts of the region. While most companies have invested heavily in the technology, 5G is still in fact only in its early stages.

“The roll-out of 5G across APJ is accelerating. As such, communications service providers in the region are looking for ideas and solutions to innovate leveraging 5G, as well as to mitigate the risks and reduce complexities in evolving their network infrastructures. An open, cloud-native approach can support our customers across industries, in particular, our telecom operator customers, to build programmable and resilient next-generation networks and help them create new revenue-generating opportunities,” said Sam.