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Docomo Business Hong Kong Launches Managed Private 5G Service
July 10, 2023 News 5G Docomo NTT private 5G


Docomo Business is introducing to Hong Kong the first end-to-end fully managed Private 5G (P5G) service with a vendor-agnostic approach. This will enable enterprises to build highly secure digital infrastructure operating on fast data transfer speeds, ultra-low latency and massive connectivity—an important step towards the city’s digitalisation journey.

Being the first to introduce the innovative millimetre wave (mmWave) technology running on 26GHz to 28GHz spectrum to the market, Docomo Business aims to help Hong Kong enterprises build a private 5G network to support the massive demand for uplink-centric IoT and Mission-Critical applications running on a single robust wireless network. These standout features make it an ideal network for connected devices to transmit information quickly and efficiently at an enterprise level.

Combining the well-established full-service portfolio of NTT, the extension of Docomo Business’ managed Private 5G service to Hong Kong not only provides the backbone infrastructure to deploy ready-to-market Internet of Things (IoT) solutions at speed, but also offers fully managed services for ongoing operations and upkeep of the network.

Providing Innovative 5G Services

Docomo is a world leader in the deployment of leading edge mmWave technologies to support enterprises with their business strategies and solutions. Docomo has conducted approximately 850 projects from service to launch. Through its 5G Open Partner Program, Docomo has collaborated with over 5,200 partners with the aim of creating innovative 5G services.

“Docomo Business has always been a visionary technology pioneer. We have been allocating significant information and communications technology (ICT) investments to Hong Kong for the ongoing benefit of our customers over the years. Bringing Docomo Business to Hong Kong is a strong testament to our confidence in the city’s massive growth opportunities and solidifies the vision of offering businesses here an accelerated start to enterprise 5G network running on true mmWave technology,” said Taichi Hiramatsu, Chief Executive Officer, Hong Kong, at NTT.

Developing Customised, Purpose-Built 5G Private Networks

Docomo Business helps Hong Kong enterprises develop their purpose-built private 5G network from design, build and deployment processes to operations and ongoing management. The service allows for a high degree of customisation, with ready-to-deploy IoT solutions well-equipped for a variety of industries to address multiple use case scenarios.

Aiming to help enterprises embrace the future of 5G mmWave technologies in Hong Kong, Docomo Business assists with plugging in the gaps arising from potential tech talent shortages with their private 5G managed services, provided by a team of network experts acting on the best industry practices.

Stephen Tsang, Chief Revenue Officer, Hong Kong, at NTT, added: “We envision our private 5G network service to be an accelerator for enterprises to tap into new business opportunities as the demand for edge devices continues to grow. Increasing enterprise adoption of private 5G will further strengthen the city’s position as a gateway for outbound IoT innovation, establishing it as a robust Innovation and Technology (I&T) hub.”

“By replicating our success and lessons learned from Japan, we have established a new Private 5G/IoT Showcase Lab in Hong Kong to serve as a hotbed for experimentation and implementation of new innovations within an ecosystem of partners that will help conceptualize Hong Kong’s smart city blueprint,” Stephen concluded.

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