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Dreame Technology Robots Steal Spotlight at the 2023 World Robot Conference
August 28, 2023 News


On August 22, the 2023 World Robot Conference (WRC), which was held in Beijing with the theme of “Spurring Innovation for the Future,” came to a big success. The 2023 World Robotics Expo and the 2023 World Robot Contest took place at the same time, bringing together about 160 robotics companies and scientific research institutions from around the globe, and showcasing close to 600 advanced technologies and products,over 320 representatives from international organizations, academicians, renowned experts, and entrepreneurs at home and abroad have been invited to attend.

As a general robotics company, Dreame Technology took center stage for the first time at the World Robot Conference. It unveiled a wide range of robots, including general-purpose humanoid robots, consumer-grade bionic quadruped robots, industrial-grade quadruped robots, wireless Robotic Pool Cleaner, commercial food delivery robots and floor-cleaning robots. This range highlighted Dreame’s broad competitiveness across the fields of R&D for robotic ecosystems and technologies, supply chains, production and manufacturing, talent development, and commercialization.

Dreame Humanoid Robot Makes Latte Art

Dreame’s Universal Humanoid Robot surprised many at the conference by successfully making latte art — the first humanoid robot in the world to do so. Chao YU, Director of humanoid robotics at Dreame Technology, reveals that “Dreame’s Universal Humanoid Robot uses deep machine learning models and training to identify different cups and tools in different environments, which enables it to make accurate latte art. This conference was a key opportunity for the Universal Humanoid Robot to step outside of the lab and put its skills to the test in a real-world environment.”

Dreame Technology Robots 

Following its launch event in March this year, Dreame’s Universal Humanoid Robot is now flaunting its moves outside the lab, walking around both indoors and outdoors while waving at people. It’s also tough enough to carry on walking steadily after receiving heavy blows. Dreame’s Universal Humanoid Robot is described as highly bionic, standing at 178 cm tall and weighing 56 kg, with 44 degrees of freedom overall. Each leg has 6 degrees of freedom, allowing it to stand on one leg.

Dreame Dog

Dreame’s exhibition booth was hugely popular at the conference, and featured the Dreame Do — a consumer-grade four-legged bionic robot — posing for the cameras. The Dreame Dog is the industry’s first quadruped bionic robot with head-body coordination, and boasts an industry-leading 15 degrees of freedom. In addition to its strength and agility, it can also convey expressions, using its head to provide emotional feedback to users.

“Dreame Dog has a five-dimensional perception system, which we used to develop an emotion system that allows it to display different emotional reactions when interacting with users.” At the conference, Dreame staff explained that “Dreame Dog features support both open-source and open SDK, allowing for secondary development and use in scientific research, teaching, and other fields.”

Dreame Commercial Robot

In addition to the consumer-grade robots, Dreame also showcased commercial robots and hard-core industrial-grade quadruped robots. At the conference, Dreame’s high-end food delivery robot D1 showed it could cover all commercial scenarios, switching between various modes such as guest seating, food delivery, dish return and patrolling. The Dreame D1 smart food delivery robot uses Dreame’s self-developed Dual-SLAM navigation and positioning technology, which can swiftly and intelligently create restaurant maps and path plans. D1 provides a one-stop solution for catering by taking care of guest seating, food delivery and patrolling. Also, an industrial-grade quadruped patrol robot demonstrated how it could carry people and items, and climb over obstacles. It boasts excellent dynamic obstacle avoidance capability, making it a great robot for use in security, patrol, rescue, search and mapping missions, and will be useful across a variety of sectors and industries including fire-fighting, electric power and mining.

This reveal of a wide range of Dreame robot models at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference shows how Dreame has established itself as a truly competitive company in the fields of robotics R&D, supply chain, production and manufacturing, talent development and commercialization.

Today, Dreame is leveraging the capability for systemization held by robotics across practical applications, connecting to industries at a deeper level and increasing the value of robots across different sectors. However, Dreame does not simply label itself as a robot equipment company. With “Robot+” as its guiding principle, Dreame uses robotic technologies and capabilities to respond to industry challenges, boost industry efficiency, and significantly increase the value of robots.

“The next decade will be the best 10 years for general robotics,” says Hao YU, the founder of Dreame Technology. “Developing strong and wide-ranging capabilities in the field of robotics will help Dreame to continue the development of general robotic systemization — introducing robotics across all industries and sectors, creating practical applications in the business, agricultural, medical and transportation sectors, and gradually integrating general robotic ecosystems that enable robots to better serve families and society as a whole.”