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E-Catalogue: Next-Gen Cloud Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)
May 31, 2021 Library


Next-generation technologies are allowing businesses to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives, unlock the value of data and reach new heights never before imagined. Today, next-gen technologies are no longer out of reach for most organisations and this is largely thanks to the cloud.

Nevertheless, many are discovering that to ensure a successful digital journey, no one can go through it alone. Businesses need reliable partners that can provide them with the necessary tools, expertise, and experience to ensure they are on the right track with both the cloud and the adoption of other next-gen technologies.

This e-catalogue showcases the most cutting-edge companies and how they partner with the IBM Cloud to deliver amazing solutions, powering next-gen technologies such as e-wallets and various disruptive online payment methods, AI-enabled services and other solutions that help businesses improve customer experiences and develop digital-first ecosystems.

Please read below and check back often as we add more ISVs and more innovative solutions to the catalogue.