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Enabling Business Transformation Starts and Ends with the Network
January 17, 2023 Blog


There was a famous tech company that transformed computing back in the 90s that encapsulated their approach with the tagline “The Network Is The Computer.

Today, we could argue that “The Network Is The Business.”


Well, every business needs to be digital and aspires to digitally transform. But the plain truth is if your network can’t keep up, neither will your business. After all, all the tremendous business benefits of digital transformation can’t possibly be delivered in a legacy (read: mediocre) networking environment.

According to IDC, network connectivity has now become a strategic element for every business that is looking to maintain, sustain and grow its operations. In the face of modern challenges and trends, the network enables scalable access anywhere anytime, pervasive digital experiences and real-time insights. On top of that, it is also the foundation for business continuity and resiliency as well as data security.

Hence, it’s time to transform your network.

Orange Business Services believes that network transformation must serve the overall digital business transformation objectives first and foremost while taking care to prevent disruption to the business. As a Global Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Network Services, Orange Business Services has been partnering companies worldwide and delivering their network transformation needs, from optimising workplaces for hybrid work to delivering excellent customer experiences, to managing multiple clouds.

Forging Strong, Reliable Connections the Orange Business Services Way

Modernising the network and strengthening Internet connectivity are among the hallmarks of Orange Business Services. With a variety of innovative solutions— for instance, Flexible SD-WAN — Orange Business Services can enable the strongest, most reliable networks for organisations. And that is precisely what Orange Business Services did for a renowned multinational engineering and tech firm that needed to transform its network to connect its offices in 94 countries on 5 continents.

Ensuring Secure Transformation

One of the biggest boons of the transformed network is that it is secure by design. Through network transformation, Orange Business Services has helped many businesses to meet modern security and compliance requirements.

For example, Orange Business Services was able to help the same multinational tech firm to migrate key applications from the data centre to cloud-based web applications and secure them with its Web Protection Suite of cloud sandboxing, cloud firewall and bandwidth controls. At the same time, they were able to increase their total bandwidth and manage costs.

Orange Business Services has also helped two top banks in ASEAN address their security challenges by providing, among other features, end-to-end encryption and SD-WAN controls. These features are part of Orange Business Services’ holistic Anticipate-Protect-Detect and Respond security strategy, whose advanced capabilities include vulnerability intelligence, DDoS protection and Secure Gateway.

Finding the Right Network Transformation Partner

The good news is that as challenging as the actual transformation process may be, your business can engage a reliable Managed Service Provider (MSP) to help ensure a successful transformation. Orange Business Services can bring in the expertise, operational experience and, most importantly, engineering and project management experience that you require.

In fact, Orange Business Services has established various local teams in Malaysia since 2016, which has been helping many organisations in the region to transform their networks. The Network Design Centre (NDC) has been instrumental in understanding customers’ needs and pulling together the technical and commercial bids to address their challenges. The Customer Service & Operations (CS&O) team project manages the entire customer implementation, provides support to customers through its service desk in local Asian languages, to deliver a smooth deployment. These are just 2 of the many teams in Malaysia that supports its customers regionally.

What does Orange Business Services bring to the table?

  • Steady project management – From the day-to-day project planning and management to the installation of equipment, software, and connectivity, including those at branch environments.
  • Integration with existing systems – This includes older, legacy networking segments.
  • Minimise failures and potential technology dead-ends – The experience and expertise that Orange Business Services provides significantly improve the speed, cost, and probability of successful and lasting transformation.

Enable Transformation With a Transformed NetworkNow

You must transform your network now rather than wait until it is unavoidable, at which time it may be too late (and much too costly). The transformed network will be the foundation for all your future digital initiatives, be it the cloud, edge computing, automation, IoT, analytics, AI or 5G.

Together with Orange Business Services and its dedicated teams of SDx, cloud, AI, data and cybersecurity experts, you will be able to elevate your network to new heights. Click here to find out more.