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Eye Tracking Leader Tobii Set to Acquire Software Provider Phasya
August 6, 2021 News

Eye tracking technology leader Tobii recently announced that it has entered into an agreement with Phasya, an innovative software provider that specialises in monitoring cognitive and physiological states that possibly influence human behaviour.

Belgium-based Phasya boasts industry-leading accuracy when it comes to using software in analysing biometric signals, like eye tracking and heart rate, that monitor cognitive states such as cognitive load, drowsiness and distraction. This is why Phasya’s algorithms are crucial components in Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS) as it can be used to keep track of and then understand drivers’ states, which ultimately have an impact on their driving experience, safety and comfort.

The company’s software solutions, which are powered by artificial intelligence (AI), can also be used in a range of other industries, including rail, aviation, and even consumer electronics. These AI-enhanced solutions stand on over a decade of pioneering research done in collaboration with the prestigious University of Liège, Belgium.

Why Tobii Wanted to Acquired Phasya
Phasya’s pioneering technology and its vast experience in the development and validation of algorithms for assessing cognitive states perfectly complement and enhance Tobii’s expertise and eye tracking technology.

Phasya’s software will thus enhance Tobii DMS, Tobii’s innovative Driver Monitoring System that was recently announced. The acquisition of Phasya will then open up new opportunities in the utilisation of cognitive state information in several markets, notably virtual reality, augmented reality, scientific research and gaming.

To date, Tobii is collaborating with a variety of customers in the automotive, technology and aviation sectors, as well as with leading industry associations that can serve as vital relationships for both Tobii and Phasya to build on.

Phasya at the moment is in its pre-revenue commercialisation phase. With Tobii leveraging the company’s existing resources and capabilities, Phasya’s commercialisation will be both enhanced and accelerated. With this, Tobii is projecting the business to scale quickly, fueled largely by Phasya’s algorithms being integrated not only into Tobii´s existing solutions, but also in its new applications and with the mass market adoption of automotive DMS by 2024.

“Tobii and Phasya are a perfect strategic fit. By combining two strong teams with complementary expertise, products, and customer relationships, we will unlock significant synergies”, said Henrik Eskilsson, CEO of Tobii. “We welcome the Phasya team to the Tobii family and look forward to push the boundaries for attention computing in Automotive, VR, AR, gaming and other markets”.

“Through this process it has become increasingly clear that Tobii is a fantastic home for Phasya”, Jérôme Wertz, CEO at Phasya, added. “By leveraging Tobii’s organization and strong experience of scaling businesses, Phasya’s team and solutions will reach its full potential. We look forward to driving groundbreaking innovation and introducing exciting new possibilities across industries”.