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Fintech Startup krip Launches Hong Kong’s First Personalised Credit Card Deals and Platform to Help People Spend Smarter
May 25, 2022 News


krip, a local FinTech startup and Hong Kong Cyberport incubatee, has launched a personalised, comprehensive and centralized credit card deals and offers platform that empowers Hong Kong consumers to spend smarter and to get the most out of their cards.

krip’s intuitive user interface makes deals and offers more visible and easily searchable, allowing people to discover over 6,000 deals from 3,000 merchants covering over 480 credit and debit cards. Consumers on the go using the krip HK mobile app can discover all the great deals nearby in real-time across seven major categories, including dining, fashion & accessories, beauty & wellness, entertainment & lifestyle, home living, travel and healthcare.

The krip HK app is free for consumers. Anyone can download the iOS or Android app to start discovering credit card deals and offers by exploring merchant categories, searching for specific stores or restaurant names or browsing nearby shops in the district. For a more personalised experience, consumers can register an account and select their card(s) by tapping on the cards’ images to set up their personal profiles. This will allow consumers to discover the relevant deals and offers applicable to their own cards, leading to an easier, faster and more personalised experience.

“Through a personal experience, I discovered that many deals and offers are left to chance, and most cardholders don’t even know they are missing out. This meant that there was a huge gap in Hong Kong’s credit card market, creating a whole layer of deals and offers available to cardholders that have remained difficult to discover, said David B. Wang, Founder of krip.

Wang added: “It was clear that consumers would benefit significantly from an intuitive and centralised platform where they could easily discover the deals and offers available to them and spend smarter to maximise the benefits they are entitled to. We are extremely excited to introduce krip to Hong Kong consumers so that they can truly discover the world of credit card deals and offers to its fullest and no longer have to leave money on the table when paying with credit cards.”

With its mission to empower consumers to spend smarter with innovative technology and information transparency, krip aims to revolutionise deals marketing by facilitating information exchange across all three parties—consumers, merchants and financial institutions—through open API. By leveraging open API, krip has built a comprehensive deals data ecosystem that harnesses Artificial Intelligence to uncover and analyse consumer spending patterns, preferences and trends through the platform.

From shopping malls and retail outlets, to restaurant reservation platforms and eCommerce portals, businesses can take advantage of open API to access krip’s comprehensive deals database, and drive their business with thousands of attractive and personalised deals. Merchants can better understand their customers to further personalise deals and offers, while financial institutions can develop more effective targeted marketing strategies to increase card usage and loyalty.

“FinTech has been integrated into our everyday life, bringing instant benefits for the general public,” said Alice So, Head of Entrepreneurship at Hong Kong Cyberport. “As a major startup incubator and the largest FinTech community in Hong Kong, Cyberport is delighted to see our incubatee krip successfully launch this innovative and personalised platform. The platform can help consumers spend smarter and, at the same time, can boost the economy by further stimulating their desire to consume, especially as the pandemic situation is stabilising, and the retail and food & beverage sectors are gradually recovering. Congratulations to the team at krip on a successful launch.”