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Former Marketer Uses AI to Create the WeChat of Sustainable Properties
February 4, 2022 News

Beblu’s Kenny Chai

Aside from having green features in sustainable buildings, imagine getting building access without having to pass through security checks, or having your lunch delivered via a lift straight to your desk with a single tap on the phone.

This was Kenny Chai’s vision of a sustainable building.

Buildings account for over 39% of global energy-related carbon emissions, of which 28% is derived from operational carbon, which includes the use, management and maintenance of building infrastructure by property owners and existing tenants.

As property developers look to green their real estate portfolio, more are doing away with conventional property management methods that were labourious, costly and time-consuming, as they use data and technology to manage sustainable developments.

Introducing Beblu, the region’s first property development solution that leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) sensors to develop and manage green properties, saving green building owners over 30% of monthly energy consumption.

During his time as a marketing consultant, Kenny travelled across the globe and noticed how countries like China were using one-stop applications like WeChat to manage all aspects of their daily lives. From banking to cab-hailing and food deliveries, everything was accessible with the touch of a smartphone.

Applying the same inspiration to property development, Kenny conceptualised a mobile-friendly application as part of the Beblu Suite, which allows building owners to manage their building facilities and business functions like Advertising and Promotion, Finance and HR in real time—all in one application.

Beyond the brick and mortar, Kenny envisions buildings as living networks, where innovators can come together to live, work and play. Beblu-developed buildings also incorporate co-working office features like in-house food delivery services, fitness classes and wellness events to connect like-minded professionals.