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FPT Launches Automotive Technology Subsidiary, Facilitating SDV Transition


Global technology services provider FPT has officially launched its automotive technology subsidiary—FPT Automotive. With a mission to drive the advancement of software-defined vehicles (SDV), shape the new mobility era, and deliver the highest standards of safety and superior experiences to customers, FPT Automotive sets its sights on becoming a billion-dollar world-class automotive services and products provider in 2030.

FPT Automotive offers a comprehensive suite of engineering services encompassing in-vehicle infotainment, Electronic Control Units (ECU), functional safety, security, automotive UI/UX design, wireless connectivity, and digital engineering. Central to these offerings is MaaZ, the proprietary AUTOSAR for turn-key ECU solutions. Leveraging its strength in software development, the company aims to empower global tier-1 suppliers, OEMs, and chipmakers to enhance market competitiveness and deliver more connected, intelligent, sustainable, and future-ready vehicles.

“With more than 10 years of experience in the automotive industry, a diverse pool of talented human resources, the latest technologies like AI, cloud computing, and computer vision, as well as partnerships and investments with renowned companies like Landing AI and Cardinal Peak, we aspire to accelerate the rapid development of automotive, a sector now determined by software,” said Dr Truong Gia Binh, Corporate Founder of and Chairman at FPT.

Fully Compliant, Safe, and Responsive

The company ensures full compliance with industry standards such as ISO26262 for functional safety management and Automotive SPICE for software development processes in the automotive sector. FPT Automotive currently has a global team of 4,000 automotive software engineers and experts across diversified delivery models, allowing streamlined solutions, optimized cost, and adaptability to clients’ and industry’s changing requirements. Its major markets include the United States, Europe, Japan, South Korea, China, and Vietnam.

The launch of FPT Automotive responds to the global demand for SDVs, aligns with FPT’s strategic investment in automotive product engineering services and solutions, and leverages its extensive expertise. It allows a more client-centric approach, accelerated by global account management and M&As.

“Automotive has been one of our key growth engines. This new subsidiary reaffirms our commitment to investing in cutting-edge technologies and working with leading experts and partners to create pioneering products and services for the development of automotive technology. With FPT Automotive, we are well-positioned to address emerging market needs, unlock new opportunities, and deliver exceptional performance for our clients globally,” said Chu Thi Thanh Ha, Chair at FPT Software.

“FPT Automotive aims to continue sharpening our focus on software-defined vehicles and actively contribute to the development of a smart mobility society. In the next five years, we look forward to partnering with global leaders in automotive technology to enhance our portfolio, with a focus on automotive audio, incorporating AI into various solutions for software-defined vehicles, developing CDC solution, and having a complete AUTOSAR platform to ensure end-to-end development,” said Kinh Nguyen, CEO at FPT Automotive.