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FreeWave Technologies Collaborating with ModuSense to Accelerate Connected Solutions
August 24, 2021 News

To transform geographically disperse industrial operations, you need visibility to intelligent data at the edge, along with the ability to proactively manipulate it and make it actionable. FreeWave Technologies and New Zealand-based ModuSense have executed a joint venture that will make global innovation, turn-key industrial IOT edge solutions a reality, quickly and cost-effectively.

FreeWave is now delivering an ecosystem of edge intelligent radios and solutions, manufactured in the U.S., to optimise the extreme edge of remote industrial operations and create a more connected enterprise. Its existing offering enables high-fidelity data capture, analysis, control and automation via a scalable IIoT platform. ModuSense complements FreeWave’s portfolio adding proven full-stack, off-the-shelf SaaS solutions and more flexible, agile gateway sensing solution. The combination of both companies’ strengths stands to deliver on accelerating global hardware and software IIoT development capabilities in a meaningful and immediately measurable way.

“The ModuSense joint venture expands our portfolio and accelerates our ability to bring fully integrated, game-changing IIoT solutions to market quickly”, said Kirk Byles, CEO at FreeWave Technologies. “Their entrepreneurial model will ultimately provide us access to a flexible, agile innovation center allowing us to respond to both customer and market needs faster with both off-the-shelf and fully customised IIoT solutions. We are energised by the possibilities and work has already begun on our integrated solution roadmap”.

For the last four years, ModuSense has been focused on developing an IIoT platform that powers IoT solutions from large enterprises to innovative startups and all companies in between. The ModuSense solutions platforms include a modular sensor ecosystem with industry-leading communications including Satellite, LTE, BLE and more. Today, they have developed infrastructure solutions for real-time asset tracking and resource monitoring across the agriculture, water and transportation industries.

Their satellite-connected sensors are helping beekeepers determine the health of hives in New Zealand as well as identifying environmental threats in real-time. These environmental sensors will be utilised in thousands of applications where connectivity has been a challenge but is no longer based on low-cost satellite coverage.

“Geographically dispersed, remote operations pose real challenges across a number of industries”, says ModuSense CEO Bruce Trevarthen. “Our combined portfolio delivers a super powerhouse of capabilities to customers who are hungry for integrated solutions designed to make industrial remote operations more efficient, make critical data more intelligent and help save money to make money. FreeWave brings decades of manufacturing discipline, governance and due diligence to our agile innovation process. We make a formidable team in the industrial IoT market and look forward to developing out-of-the-box solutions that will have immediate market impact”.