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Freshworks Powers Zalora To Create Delightful Customer Experiences
March 3, 2022 News


Freshworks Inc., a leading software company empowering businesses to delight their customers and employees, has helped Southeast Asia’s leading fashion and lifestyle retailer Zalora increase agent response time and enhance personalisation to its 50 million monthly online shoppers.

“Customers today are constantly online, on multiple devices.  They expect instant gratification, which means our brand must be available 24/7 on all channels,” said Kannan Rajaratnam, Director of Payments at Zalora.

Personalisation is key to great customer experiences. In fact, Accenture found that 48 per cent of customers who leave a brand do so because their experience was not tailored enough to their preferences.

Following a huge surge in online shoppers since the start of the pandemic, Zalora increased its range of products from apparel to work-from-home essentials and electronics, but needed a digital shopping and support experience to meet the demand.

Using Freshdesk Omnichannel®, Zalora was able to streamline customer support activity from instant messaging to social media into one platform.  Before Freshworks, Zalora was using multiple systems and applications which led to data silos and slowed down support agents.  With a unified view of customer interaction and transaction history across digital channels, agents can engage in more personalised conversations and increase customer retention.

“Using Freshdesk, we have seen a significant reduction in abandoned carts, and we find 75 per cent of our customers become repeat shoppers,” said Rajaratnam.  “Prioritising chat support on instant messaging and social media helped increase loyalty with our  ‘digital native’ customers.”

Freshdesk also greatly improved Zalora’s ability to manage customer response during high-traffic events like Black Friday, Cyber Monday and 11-11. Instead of having to hire several hundred part-time agents for a month, each Zalora agent can now manage up to six customers simultaneously, creating a delightful experience for all. Customer satisfaction scores increased 5 per cent every quarter since the implementation of Freshdesk.

The Zalora sales organisation also started using Freshdesk which helped the deals desk team improve agility with a unified ticketing system.

“Online commerce requires online support,“ said Pradeep Rathinam, Chief Customer Officer, Freshworks.When it comes to delivering an exceptional customer experience, Zalora is doing it right. We’re thrilled to see consumer retail companies like Zalora build lifelong customer relationships.”