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GLN and KB Join Forces to Establish Global Payment Network
December 19, 2022 News


GLN International (GLN), the global payment network company established by Hana Financial Group, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with KB Kookmin Bank to join the global payment network.

GLN (Global Loyalty Network) is a global payment network service provider that connects international financial companies, distribution channels and reward point providers so that users can enjoy cross-border mobile payment, ATM withdrawal service and remittance.

Hana Bank first introduced GLN in April 2019 by launching the global mobile payment service and spun off ‘GLN International’ in July 2021, to facilitate network business and secure independence from its mother company.

GLN’s service is provided through Hana 1Q, the mobile banking application of Hana Bank, which offers mobile payment service in Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam, Japan, Laos, Hong Kong and Guam, as well as mobile ATM withdrawal service in Japan, Vietnam and Laos, thanks to the partnership between GLN and local partners.

KB Kookmin Bank’s application KB Starbanking, LiivNext, KB Wallet users will also be able to use GLN’s cross-border mobile payment and withdrawal service, based on MOU signed between GLN and KB.

GLN International’s CEO Han Jun-Seong said, “To succeed in a global business, mutual cooperation among Korean financial companies is requisite. KB Kookmin Bank decided to join the GLN network as agreed on the need to provide Korea-driven payment service to customers, who previously relied on foreign-driven network processors.”

As KB Kookmin Bank joins GLN’s network, other financial companies in Korea are also expected to participate in the group. More companies joining the network will strengthen the competitiveness of GLN and the Korean financial market as a whole.