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Global Marketplace of Semiconductor Equipment Moov Expands Presence in Taipei
August 18, 2023 News Moov Semicon semiconductor


Moov, the largest and fastest-growing global marketplace for used semiconductor equipment, has announced it will be expanding its presence in Taipei with a new office located in Taipei and dedicated staff on the ground. The company will also be exhibiting at Semicon® Taiwan booth N1191 (Hall 1 – 4F).

“We are excited and humbled by our success in the world’s more important semiconductor manufacturing market,” said Steven Zhou, Co-Founder of and CEO at Moov Technologies. “We already work with over 700 companies in the region to help end users source equipment to meet their production needs and easily offload idle assets. Our expansion in the region will continue to support our end-to-end procurement and resale capabilities, including inspection, logistics, and assurance services.”

To support expansion in the region, Moov has hired five full-time employees in its new Taipei office, including sales manager Joe Tseng, who joins Moov from Keyence Corporation where he served as National Sales Director.

Benefiting from High Demand

While political tides are changing when it comes to an international semiconductor supply chain, Moov’s global marketplace for buying and selling pre-owned semiconductor manufacturing equipment helps chipmakers continue to benefit from the global trade of these high-value, highly sought-after assets, while staying in line with current trade regulations.

“There is immense value in enabling fabrication centres to buy and sell equipment from other fabrication centers around the world,” said Zhou. “The world’s demand for chips will continue to grow. To meet it, a secondary market for semiconductor manufacturing equipment is critical to provide manufacturers with increased flexibility to adapt to changing markets.”

Coinciding with Increasing Investments in the Semiconductor Sphere

Moov’s announcement comes at a time when semiconductor equipment manufacturers are also planning increased investment to support the local TSMC foundry ecosystem, as noted by Digitimes. According to data from SEMI, the world’s leading trade association for electronics design and manufacturing supply chain, Taiwan currently leads the world in spending on semiconductor manufacturing equipment. Easy access to equipment is critical for fabrication centers looking to expand local capacity quickly.

“One aspect we pride ourselves on at Moov is our ability to get fabrication centers the tools they need expediently and seamlessly, and to provide transparency throughout the procurement process,” said Raymond Mahon, Director of Customer Success at Moov. “We’re able to expedite the turnaround time on obtaining a replacement tool by months. In operating costs, this could equate to hundreds of millions of dollars.”

He added, “In addition, Moov’s platform provides transparency in buying used equipment, where historically there has been none. Knowing exactly where and how your cargo is being transported is vital given the high-dollar value of this equipment.”

Additionally, Moov eliminates purchase risk for manufacturers sourcing used equipment with its no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee, according to SEMI, the California-based global association that represents the electronics and supply-chain design industries.

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