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HNS 2023 | CloudFabric 3.0: High-Connectivity 400GE CloudFabric, Empowering the AI Era


During Huawei Network Summit (HNS) 2023, the session themed “CloudFabric 3.0: High-Connectivity 400GE CloudFabric, Empowering the AI Era” attracted much attention. More than 200 customers and partners from multiple countries and regions—such as Hong Kong (China), Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore—gathered to discuss the development trends and technological

innovations of data centre networks (DCNs) in the future. At the session, Huawei presented the fully upgraded CloudFabric 3.0 Solution. This future-oriented solution can build a high-connectivity 400GE DCN that features ultra-fast deployment, ultra-intelligent operations and maintenance (O&M), and ultra-powerful performance, injecting new momentum into the AI era.

Arthur Wang, President of Data Center Network Domain, Huawei Data Communication Product Line, pointed out that, as digital transformation gathers pace, more enterprises enter the multi-cloud and multi-vendor era and require much higher artificial intelligence (AI) computing power. A higher-performance network and more intelligent O&M become two musts. To keep up, Huawei provides the upgraded CloudFabric 3.0 Solution that stands out with ultra-powerful performance, ultra-fast deployment, and ultra-intelligent O&M. The solution enables unified network deployment and O&M across clouds and vendors and is ideal for building a 400GE ultra-large data center network.

Ultra-Powerful Performance and More

At the session, Jacko Lee, Vice President, Data Center Network Domain Huawei Data Communication Product Line, and Victor Lapian, CTO of Huawei Asia Pacific Enterprise Network Solutions, expounded on the technological innovations behind the three differentiators of CloudFabric 3.0: ultra-powerful performance, ultra-fast deployment, and ultra-intelligent O&M.

Lee said that, after years of research and practice, Huawei has upgraded traditional Ethernet to hyper-converged Ethernet to carry different services of data center networks, including general-purpose computing, storage, HPC, and AI services. Data center networks evolve from FC, IB, and Ethernet protocols to hyper-converged Ethernet protocol, unleashing 100% of computing power and accelerating applications in all scenarios.

Lapian pointed out that, as more and more enterprise customers are evolving towards multi-cloud and multi-vendor environments, problems such as inconsistent model standards, high costs of cross-vendor orchestration and development, and difficult O&M become increasingly prominent. Leveraging the open programmability framework of iMaster NCE, Huawei’s CloudFabric 3.0 Solution offers unified models, flexible driver adaptation, and drag-and-drop orchestration, enabling automatic network O&M and creating a simplified network O&M experience.

First of Its Kind Digital Map

Huawei’s network digital map is the first in the industry. It eliminates the inability of conventional O&M to detect service changes and can dynamically and intuitively display the associations and mappings between multi-cloud networks and DC services. The map stands out with one-map multi-cloud network visibility, one-second fault demarcation, and one-click network optimization, creating the ultimate network experience.

Thanks to its differentiated advantages built on technological innovation, Huawei CloudFabric 3.0 High-Connectivity 400GE DCN Solution is favored by customers, seeing significant uptake across industries such as the finance, public service, energy, and education.

Looking ahead, Huawei will continue to work with industry partners to strengthen the research and innovation in the DCN field, and guide network upgrades towards automation and intelligence, as well as intergenerational network evolution. All of these efforts are designed to accelerate enterprise digital transformation and create more value for customers and industries.