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Hong Kong Startup SleekFlow Successfully Integrates GPT-4 to Drive Customer Interactions


The launch of ChatGPT has led to a surge in the adoption of generative AI (artificial intelligence) in business applications. In fact, many businesses are now leveraging Open AI’s state-of-the-art language model to enhance their customer service, sales and marketing strategies.

SleekFlow, the SaaS omnichannel social commerce platform backed by Tiger Global, has announced the successful development of SleekFlow AI, a transformative business solution that is powered by GPT-4 technology. The startup has taken the lead in developing SleekFlow AI to assist professionals in enhancing their communication skills, maximizing their knowledge base, and developing context-aware AI-powered chatbots that deliver spot-on solutions every time.

SleekFlow’s GPT-4 Powered AI WhatsApp Chatbot Offers Personalised Recommendations and Natural Conversations for Enhanced Customer Service in Highly Customized Industries

SleekFlow has developed a highly intelligent WhatsApp chatbot, integrating Azure OpenAI’s GPT-4 model. With the ability to quickly respond to common customer inquiries and recommend personalised products or services based on the conversation analysis, the chatbot provides reliable and accurate responses using businesses’ uploaded knowledge base as its sole information source. The customised chatbot can recognise and respond only to specific categories of questions and automatically escalate the issue to human agents for complex queries, delivering comprehensive customer service.

Unlike ordinary chatbots that provide stilted answers, SleekFlow’s chatbot engages in natural conversations and handles complex queries and emotions, providing personalized responses 24/7 to enhance customer experience and service efficiency.

“SleekFlow’s R&D team has always focused on addressing market demand and customer pain points as the main axis for product development. The introduction of AI is particularly useful in highly customised industries, such as insurance, banking, as well as beauty and retail,” said Henson Tsai, Founder of and CEO at SleekFlow. “For example, insurance customer service often involves a large volume of complex provisions. The GPT-4 chatbot can analyse the conversation content and insurance policies to recommend the most suitable insurance plan for customers, saving time on training human agents while ensuring responses are in accordance with the training content.

He added: “The chatbot can also mark citations to enhance enterprise and customer confidence and trust. Similarly, in the beauty and retail industry, the chatbot can provide personalized product information and recommendations based on customer skin concerns, greatly improving the customer service sales process.”

Empowering Businesses to Deliver High-Quality Customer Service and Boost Efficiency with AI-Driven Human Agent Support

SleekFlow AI provides multi-level assistance to human agents to deliver high-quality customer service. When the all-in-one omnichannel communication platform receives customer inquiries, SleekFlow AI instantly generates answers from its internal knowledge base and delivers precise recommendations to human agents based on the conversation, saving time on searching and integrating information to shorten response times.

Additionally, SleekFlow AI enriches response content by providing each human agent with a dedicated AI editor, effectively avoiding grammatical errors and delivering a professional brand image. Furthermore, SleekFlow AI can translate, simplify, lengthen or even reorganise content, and apply different contextual awareness to ensure consistency and control customer service quality, ultimately reducing complaint incidents.

Streamlining Business Operations Management with AI to Achieve Cost Reduction and Efficiency Improvement from Talent Training to Customer Sales

SleekFlow AI offers businesses a powerful solution to break down language barriers and centralize customer service management. With its excellent language abilities, SleekFlow AI can instantly translate customer inquiries, enabling businesses to provide customer service without having to outsource overseas. Moreover, SleekFlow AI can understand and adapt to different cultural norms and communication styles, bridging cultural gaps and helping businesses expand their global reach.

In addition to its customer service capabilities, SleekFlow integrates AI into its workflow to optimize internal business management. SleekFlow AI can generate concise reports from long chat threads, summarizing customer inquiries and team responses for internal recordkeeping, streamlining handover procedures and saving time on report production. The platform also allows businesses to upload documents to the database and use SleekFlow AI to assist in employee training.

By quickly answering questions from a vast amount of text, SleekFlow AI enables businesses to efficiently train professional talent and shorten the learning cycle for new employees.

“Over the past year, SleekFlow has experienced explosive growth, with our enterprise customers increasing sixfold, accumulating over 5,000 customers in 120 regions worldwide,” said Tsai. “At the same time, we continue to optimise the platform to help businesses upgrade their customer service quality, increasing their sales converted with chat threefold and boosting the online to offline (O2O) sales by 18%.

Tsai explained further: “I believe that AI will be an indispensable part of business in the next three years and become the driving engine of various industries. SleekFlow AI helps businesses start using AI at a lower cost. To stay ahead of the times, you need to seize the opportunity now. We hope this upgrade will attract more enterprise customers to SleekFlow, making it the primary choice for enterprise AI transformation and driving further growth.”