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How are Asean Businesses Using Data to Drive Technology Investment Decisions?
December 8, 2022 Library


The impact of technology on business is undeniable. Organisations that do not leverage technology are at risk of getting left behind by those that make full use of technology in different ways.

To find out the state of technology investment decisions in light of the growing role of tech in business, Asia Online Publishing Group (AOPG) and Apptio conducted this important survey aimed at key IT decision-makers of various large enterprises in the region.

This survey specifically sought to understand how businesses in Southeast Asia manage their IT spending and connect it to business outcomes and whether or not they are getting accurate financial data regarding their IT cost centres.

We also sought to find out the tools they are using for their IT financials, as well as their cloud-related plans given cloud computing’s growing role as an innovation enabler and differentiator.

After tabulating and studying the results, here are our findings from the survey.