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How Businesses of All Sizes Can Combat the Rising Cyber Threat Landscape
September 15, 2023 Blog


The intensifying cyber threat landscape casts an ominous shadow over organisations of all sizes, and startling research reveals that Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), those with fewer than 250 employees, are three times more likely to be targeted by cyber attacks than their larger counterparts.

Compounding this threat is the widening global cybersecurity skills gap, predicted to reach over 3 million unfilled positions by 2025. Consequently, organisations will find themselves in fierce competition for talent in the near future, resulting in undermanned security teams becoming a common predicament. To compound matters, SMEs will bear the brunt of this crisis, facing the harsh reality of cybersecurity experts being swiftly acquired by significantly larger enterprises at premium rates.

In the face of mounting cybersecurity challenges and talent shortages, SMEs can find respite by partnering with IT service providers who offer them access to expert cybersecurity resources and advanced tools, without the need for an in-house team.

N-able, a company dedicated to enhancing IT service providers’ support for SMEs, identifies critical areas where they can offer valuable assistance:

  • Seamless IT Operations: IT service providers play a pivotal role in ensuring uninterrupted IT operations, offering automated issue resolution and swift responses to maintain business continuity.
  • Holistic Monitoring: They offer SMEs a unified monitoring system, vital for businesses operating in hybrid environments that combine cloud services and on-premises technology.
  • Comprehensive Cybersecurity: SMEs can benefit from their expertise in addressing the evolving threat landscape, providing robust cybersecurity solutions against various threats, including emerging cyber attacks.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: IT service providers are adept at optimising efficiency and automation, enabling them to deliver cost-effective solutions that align with SMEs’ budget constraints.
  • Remote Workforce Support: They can also step in to assist SMEs in remote workforce management, offering monitoring, control, and risk management solutions, particularly valuable when internal resources are limited.

From the perspective of IT service providers, the ability to serve their customers is significantly enhanced through the strategic implementation of automation. Solutions like N-central and N-sight RMM empower IT service providers to streamline various processes, including those that may not be immediately evident but significantly enhance efficiency, for instance:

  • Daily Workstation Maintenance: Automation enables IT service providers to perform daily maintenance on workstations, conducting a range of checks to ensure that each workstation adheres to its basic secure configuration. This ongoing maintenance helps prevent vulnerabilities from going unnoticed and safeguards the overall security posture of client systems, providing peace of mind to SMEs.
  • Efficient Bloatware Removal: By automating the removal of bloatware from workstations and laptops, IT service providers can enhance the performance and security of client devices swiftly and effectively.
  • BitLocker Status Monitoring: IT service providers can proactively monitor the BitLocker status of devices and receive alerts when a drive is not encrypted. This insight enables them to trigger the Enable BitLocker automation policy as a self-healing action, ensuring all devices remain securely encrypted.

These are just a few examples of how IT service providers can harness the power of automation to provide more efficient, proactive, and comprehensive services to their SME customers, ultimately contributing to improved cybersecurity and operational efficiency.

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