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How Devoteam is Helping Hello Health Thrive in the Digital Age
December 19, 2022 News


Businesses need to leverage technology now more than ever—and those that do are more likely to thrive. Central to this is getting the right technology partner that will provide the organisation with both the technologies it needs and the technical support required.

That is precisely what Devoteam is—the right technology partner for businesses of all types and sizes and in all industries. Devoteam believes that technology can drive change for the better. And it is doing exactly that for businesses in the region by helping them address the challenges of this digital age using technology.

Let us find out how Devoteam is helping yet another organisation, the Hello Health Group.

About the Customer

The Hello Health Group (HHG) is a young venture established in 2015. It provides customers with medically reviewed and relevant content, tools and services that empower them to make more informed decisions throughout their health and wellness journey. The group, composed of young professionals in the medical field, is driven to democratise health and wellness knowledge and services across all of Asia.

The Challenge

Like all organisations, HHG has had to deal with several key challenges—and the group identified two, in particular.

According to Osama Akbar Qureshi, Business Intelligence Lead, Commercial and Product, at HHG, one such challenge is figuring out how to get more insights while ensuring cost optimisation as the company scales. Another challenge as identified by Trung Giang Quoc, Technology Lead at HHG, is coming up with ways to “solve the single point of failure and achieve high availability for our infrastructure.”

The Solutions

Hello Health Group is meeting these challenges head-on by leveraging Google Cloud. And making this HHG-Google Cloud partnership possible is Devoteam, itself a trusted partner of Google Cloud. Together, Devoteam and Google Cloud are helping HHG meet the aforementioned challenges so HHG can position itself as the pre-eminent healthcare provider in Asia.

Google Cloud’s ecosystem is providing HHG with “the most integrated solution in data infrastructure,” while making sure its critical infrastructure is always available. That is to be expected, as Google Cloud is among the most popular and trusted hyperscalers in the world—known for its leading global-scale infrastructure, outstanding uptime and reliability, commitment to security and continuous expansion.

“We are proud to be a partner of choice by Google Cloud to deliver the right solutions for Hello Health Group as a Managed Services Partner,” said Andhika, Principal Consultant at Devoteam G Cloud APAC. “Devoteam aims to be the trusted partner and a reliable extension to Hello Health’s team. We helped launch new products as well as consult on new initiatives that Hello Health is working on—be it data, application modernisation or Machine-Learning.”

“We think Hello Health Group has a very important mission that can help millions of individuals to make better decisions so they can live a happy and healthy life,” said Wong Tran, Customer Engineer at Google Cloud Asia Pacific. “Google Cloud is proud to provide the best-in-class solutions for Hello Health Group that will deeply impact the healthcare of millions of people in Asia and other parts of the world.”

The Result

Thanks to Devoteam and Google Cloud, HHG is now getting more insights from its data—and it is doing so while keeping costs reasonable. The group have also been able to achieve consistently high availability as they have been able to adequately remediate points of failure. In doing so, the company has moved closer to fulfilling its mission of empowering millions of people to make more informed health decisions. It is also well on its way to democratising health and wellness knowledge and services throughout Asia.

In short, HHG has been one happy customer.

“Devoteam has helped us to scale the database very well,” said Quoc. “The team always responds quickly and collaborates well. I would like to say thank you to Devoteam.”

Such gratitude is humbling. And it will only push Devoteam to help even more businesses in the region to meet the challenges of the digital age—just like it is doing for Hello Health Group.