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How Elevating Workforce Identity May Just Be Your Catalyst for Success
July 28, 2023 Blog identity


Once seen as a basic tool for handling usernames and passwords, identity has evolved into an essential component and catalyst for success in today’s business landscape, especially when it comes to the workforce.

After all, by placing greater importance on workforce identity, an organisation demonstrates a progressive mindset that acknowledges individuals as invaluable assets whose identities and contributions are pivotal to the holistic triumph of the entire enterprise, transcending the notion of mere cogs in the wheel.

Furthermore, a well-developed cloud-based workforce identity management platform allows businesses to:

  • Unleash Boundless Freedom: Picture employees, contractors, and business partners working seamlessly from any corner of the globe, with secure access to vital business applications and resources. It is the power of unrestricted productivity and efficiency at their fingertips.
  • Fortify Defences: The journey towards secure identity protection intensifies as identity-related breaches pose a growing concern for organisations, necessitating the fortification of identity defences to mitigate risks effectively.
  • Embrace Simplicity, Efficiency and Empowerment: Say goodbye to complex procedures, manual processes, and tedious administrative tasks. A mature workforce identity platform such as Identity & Access Management (IAM) delivers an efficient and convenient user experience, freeing up precious time and energy for growth, innovation, and priorities that truly matter by centralising access management, automating user provisioning, providing reports and analytics and simplifying user authentication.
  • Conquer Compliance Challenges: Identity governance unlocks a world of possibilities for organisations, offering a seamless blend of processes and technologies to overcome tough compliance challenges. With identity governance at your side, providing a secure, efficient, and compliant way to manage identities and access, you can now peacefully stay on the right side of the law.

Navigating the path towards seamless identity management can feel like traversing a complex maze, with scattered identities and disparate systems adding to the challenge.

However, organisations committed to unlocking their workforce’s full potential need not fret as they can conquer these challenges and achieve a unified digital workforce environment by utilising a streamlined identity solution.

Okta’s Workforce Identity Maturity Model is a powerful tool that offers an unmeasurable number of benefits for its users. Drawing from the wisdom of successful practices, this model guides organisations through four key steps:

  • Access: Evaluate the current state of your organisation’s workforce identity posture to gain valuable insights into its effectiveness.
  • Create: Identify and implement new capabilities that enhance your organisation’s maturation journey, setting the stage for growth and success.
  • Improve: Continuously enhance your identity initiatives, making informed decisions to drive positive outcomes and maximise effectiveness.
  • Measure: Track and measure the impact and outcomes of your identity initiatives, providing valuable insights into progress and demonstrating tangible results at each stage.

Click on this link below to download a white paper that explains more about Okta’s Workforce Identity Maturity Model and be prepared to experience the definition of seamlessness.