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Huawei Connect 2022 Explores the Digitalisation of Education
September 23, 2022 News


Written by: Khairul Haqeem, Journalist, AOPG.

On the final day of the Huawei Connect 2022 event in Bangkok, I was brought to Srinakharinwirot University (SWU) for the collaborative launch with Huawei for their first Global Educational Demo Site in Thailand.

There has been a shift away from the traditional classroom setting as schools have adapted to the changing educational landscape brought on by technological advancements in the field of education. Many schools are transitioning to hybrid approaches to education, which highlights both traditional and online learning modules.

The Prasarnmit campus of Srinakharinwirot University is now home to a brand-new digital demo site showcasing the university’s successful experience in smart education transformation through the implementation of Huawei’s campus network solution. This solution delivers Wi-Fi 6 technology, complete campus coverage, wireless access, and free mobility “anytime, anywhere” while also ensuring the safety efficiency, and energy-saving of the university’s data centres, storage, and cloud.

The Next Step for Education

Huawei iMaster NCE Campus is the industry’s first platform for network automation and intelligence, integrating management, control, analysis, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) functions.

Targeting top-tier educational institutions across Asia and beyond, the showcase facility has a conference room, data centre, operations and maintenance centre, and smart classrooms.

In order to help other institutions with their digital transformation, Huawei Technologies (Thailand) Co., Ltd., will spend high-quality resources on running a showcase site that will serve as a benchmark. The Huawei Cloud Campus Network and iMaster NCE Campus solutions are now fully functional, allowing students and faculty at SWU to make use of ubiquitous Wi-Fi and cutting-edge digital technologies like AI, VR, IoT, and Big Data throughout both of the university’s campuses.

“Huawei’s Intelligent Multi-Service Network Solution for Higher Education is a great fit to establish a future-proof education and research network,” remarked Mr Vincent Liu, President of Huawei’s Global Enterprise Network Marketing & Solutions Sales Department, during the morning session. With campus-wide network connectivity, multi-network convergence, and high-speed interconnection, this new network more than lives up to the demanding networking needs of hybrid education. Ultimately, this enables better data services for educators through more collaboration, better service visualisation, and more streamlined information management.

A Smarter Classroom


Students both in and out of class may participate in the smart classroom thanks to the mix of online and offline input available to them.

Huawei’s technology has many uses in the classroom, as the smart classroom demonstration showed. Lessons, for the sake of a more intelligent hybrid education experience, are not limited to the four walls of a school building but may take place anywhere, at any time.

The smart classroom had intriguing displays, one of which was a failsafe system for administering online exams, something that was significantly hindered by the absence of a regulatory body during the pandemic. With the addition of a face scanning camera for ID verification, online tests have taken a significant step toward becoming a practical assessment option for students in far-flung areas.

Digital Transformation for Education

By providing universities with cutting-edge tools and strategies for integrating technology into the classroom, Huawei hopes to hasten the transition to digital education. In conclusion, the growth of a thriving digital ecosystem in the region depends on a diverse pool of talent, which may be fostered through modernising the educational system.

Tune in for more exclusives from Huawei Connect 2022, Bangkok, Thailand.