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Huawei Officially Releases Enterprise Network Integration Service Solution 3.0


Huawei Connect 2023 has kicked off in Shanghai. With the theme “Accelerate Intelligence,” the conference discussed with global industry elites, technical experts, partners, and developers how to seize strategic opportunities and win-win intelligent futures through actions.

In day 1, Geng Wenfeng, Product Director of Huawei Enterprise Network Integration Service, delivered a presentation titled “Enterprise Network Integration Service: Building an Efficient, Secure, and Reliable Resilient Network” and released the Enterprise Network Integration Service Solution 3.0 with Zhou Yu, President of Huawei Network Consulting and System Integration, and Yang Shengbao, General Manager of Eccom Network System East Financial Technology.

Joint release of the enterprise network integration service solution 3.0

As industry digital transformation deepens, the enterprise network architecture becomes more complex due to the multi-service bearing, multi-centre interconnection, ultra-large network capacity, and increasingly high security and reliability. Thus, how to build efficient, secure, and reliable resilient networks and achieve smooth, fast, and orderly network evolution has become a challenge for many enterprises during network construction.

Achieving Value Features with Huawei

Through intelligent planning and design, automatic network migration, and configuration translation, Huawei achieves value features such as smooth network architecture evolution, flexible service bearing, and bandwidth utilization improvement. For different customer scenarios, Huawei provides service solutions that ensure high network reliability and high graded protection level compliance, implementing efficient network deployment, and enabling quick commercial use of services.

In the Huawei enterprise network integration service portfolio, the network migration service provides smooth, fast, and service-free network evolution; the industry scenario-based integration services are used in industries such as finance, government, electric power, and rail transit to build smart network infrastructure and facilitate industry digital transformation; the powered service works with partners to serve more customers, through special support such as collaborative design, collaborative audit, and collaborative implementation assurance, Huawei work with partners to improve project delivery quality and build high-quality networks for customers.

In the future, Huawei will continue to accelerate its in-depth efforts in technological innovation and industry digitalisation, further improve the root capabilities and competitiveness of enterprise network integration services, and continuously optimise powered service capabilities with partners represented by Eccom Network System, and become the most reliable network integration service provider.