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Huawei Premium Broadband Solution Debuts Outside China
November 3, 2022 News


The 8th Ultra-Broadband Forum (UBBF) 2022, themed “Stride to Ultra-Broadband 5.5G.” was held in Bangkok. At this conference, Huawei introduced the Premium Broadband solution and demonstrated its “ABC” scenario-based capabilities to customers outside China for the first time: Accurate User Insight (A), Best Wi-Fi Speed Experience (B) and Constant QoE Assurance (C).

With the rapid development of home digitalization, services such as online office, online education and online entertainment have become mainstream. According to a survey, 78% of subscribers are willing to pay more for a better experience. Good broadband service experience is becoming a core profit growth point for carriers. Against this background, Huawei has launched its Premium Broadband solution. On the one hand, smart AEC boards are deployed in OLTs to detect application KPIs such as latency and jitter in real time and perform edge computing and inference. Meanwhile, iMaster NCE Manager+Controller+Analyzer, with its big data intelligent analysis capability, interworks with the Agile Digital Operations (ADO) platform to provide the “ABC” scenario-based capabilities, helping carriers build experience operation models and fully seize the growth opportunities of experience dividends.

  • Accurate User Insight (A). Currently, carriers’ marketing methods mainly depend on subscribers’ BSS information, including packages, tariffs and cells. Lack of insight into subscriber experience requirements greatly lowers the marketing success rate. To address this issue, the Premium Broadband solution provides more than 100 key pieces of information in four categories: application, experience, bottleneck and networking. The information not only includes identification of video freezing and root causes, but also includes identification of Wi-Fi coverage and interference of self-purchased routers, as well as identification of more than 15,000 terminals in 11 categories. In this way, the solution can help carriers evolve from one-dimensional insight to multi-dimensional insight through user experience big data and accurately identify potential customers.
  • Best Wi-Fi Speed Experience (B). According to statistics, more than 90% of home connections outside China are mainly based on Wi-Fi, and many carriers have launched Wi-Fi networking services to attract customers. However, a high-quality service experience is a strict requirement from customers, and proactive assurance is the key to increasing service sales. The Premium Broadband solution can initiate multi-segment speed tests in batches without subscriber awareness. In this way, carriers can know not only the Wi-Fi rate achievement of each terminal in each home, but also whether the bottleneck of terminals with poor QoE is indoor or outdoor, then accurately analyse the root cause (for example, a single-band router uses only 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi). For configuration issues, the solution also supports remote optimization and troubleshooting, eliminating the need for home visits. The solution provides carriers with effective methods to ensure subscriber Wi-Fi experience from speed test perception, analysis and optimisation.
  • Constant QoE Assurance (C). For long-term subscriber experience, the Premium Broadband solution can help carriers make a big leap from network awareness to subscriber service experience awareness and assurance. For poor-QoE services such as streaming video, gaming and online education, the Huawei-developed spatiotemporal association intelligent diagnosis algorithm is used to perform seconds-level alignment and association analysis for 110 application KPIs and more than 300 network KPIs, which can quickly determine more than 30 poor-QoE root causes of home broadband, such as Wi-Fi network congestion, 100 Mbit/s network cables and weak optical signals. Based on this information, carriers can provide proactive optimisation before subscribers make complaints, continuously improve subscriber experience, and effectively reduce the churn rate.

Currently, the Premium Broadband solution has been commercially deployed in nearly 50 sites in China. In Henan province, insights from the five-dimensional user experience model helped increase the marketing success rate of FTTR and gigabit services from 3% to 10%. In Zhejiang province, with accurate poor-QoE analysis results and proactive rectification, the poor-QoE rate decreased from 4.3% to 2.7%, and the complaint ratio per 10,000 subscribers decreased from 165 to 95. With the saturation of basic connections, connection experience will inevitably bring new dividends. The home broadband operation system that relies on intelligent technologies and focuses on subscriber experience will definitely create a huge customer market and become a future-oriented growth engine.